He who saves one saves the whole world


The processes of interconnection in the world, taking place today, make the countries and the population of the Earth one big system, a family. Therefore, it is worth understanding what is vital for everyone and for everyone.

Civilization does not stand still, the structure of society cannot be stagnant. Therefore, much depends on the ideals, life goals, and behavior of individuals. The activity of each of us can play a decisive role in the further course of events. We can either help the future or intensify crises, troubles, wars.

Of course, we are constantly changing, but silent meanness, we destroy ourselves and everyone.

Some research scientists believe that 10% of the population can change the world if they introduce new ideas, new behaviors, new beliefs. This was confirmed by researchers from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA), proving that the beliefs of the minority have become the opinion of the majority. This fact suggests that the position of each person is a responsibility to the future generation.

Today, ties between countries are intensifying. Therefore, the complex world problems must be solved strategically, taking into account the new processes of interconnections. Progressive politicians listen to forward-thinking strategist economists who can predict the consequences of unconstructive behavior.

The more we strive for happiness, the more responsible we must be to our behavior, as well as to the words of leaders, realizing that the Earth is a common home, a home for future generations.

People migrate, cultures mix. There is an exchange of household appliances, clothes, cars, i.e. everything people use. Everyone depends on each other and on NATURE!

By burying hazardous industrial waste in underdeveloped countries, the world receives food grown on poisoned soil.

People have always burned forests, thrown garbage into the seas, killed animals, killed each other. Today, nature confronts us with the fact that such behavior is ruining us all.

Even with a powerful army, no country can ignore the fact that the world has become global. Today, all states are facing the fact that they must act together, taking into account each country, with all of humanity.

We still have not fully studied the process of interaction of the entire system of nature. But we see that the organs of the human body interact harmoniously, there are no main and secondary parts in it. For us, this is an example of nature, where a cell that works only for itself destroys the whole organism.

Therefore, every person is important. His opinion can both destroy and advance everyone to the common happiness.

And the one who can unite everyone saves the world from devastation, from destruction.


  1. Yes, at least in thoughts, in minds, we must be united, then it will come true in reality.

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