A sensitive place in humanity


The conflict in Ukraine is not an ordinary conflict between two peoples, but a very deep crisis that comes from a very special place in humanity. It’s a sensitive place, and we see how much it affects all of us.

It is impossible to solve this crisis by diplomatic measures. At best, it can be calmed down for a while. Then it will only get worse. The conflict will not end even if one side completely defeats the other. No one surrenders here, and the fire inside will burn until it explodes again.

To resolve the crisis, we need to do just one thing: raise the importance of complementarity, the importance of the need to unite the hearts of members of rival nations over enmity. You can’t end hostilities just by wishing they would stop. This is not how the war will end. People should want the division between them to end. You have to want to feel each other’s hearts. Among many other advantages, this is what will silence the rumble of the guns.

We are in a very difficult, very insidious situation. You shouldn’t obscure things or try to hide them. Tactics and political subterfuge will not solve the crisis. The only way out is to make an effort to bring the hearts of the people at the top closer together, despite the hatred that has erupted. Otherwise, there will be no solution to the conflict. It will only intensify, drawing in new countries. And we all know what that means.

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