The culprit of the war


A tangle of antagonism

When will the wars end? Once again, the world has fallen into such a tangle of antagonism that it is impossible to unravel in the usual way. The contradictions between Russia and NATO have reached a maximum point. Between these huge potential warring parties, Ukraine is wormed its way, which NATO and Europe use to the maximum. That is, they want to use Ukraine to change the nuclear balance. But that is not all. You can also add data on corruption and theft of national wealth in Russia and Ukraine. And no one is surprised by this. Cruel age, cruel morals. This tangle cannot be unraveled without identifying the main culprit of all these contradictions. This culprit can be called in one word - EGOISM.

It is because of him, if you listen to each side, it turns out that she is absolutely right! Rights according to one's own interests, one's own benefit. But no one, absolutely no one, talks or wants to talk about the common benefit. Common benefit for all parties to the conflict. And this common benefit is expressed by a long-forgotten wisdom: all sins will be covered by love . Why do we say that love will cover all sins? Why don't we say: love destroys all sins? And the answer is pretty simple. We are all created with an increase in selfishness . Egoism does not see anything around itself, except for its own benefit. And this is the main work of a person on himself.

Our world was created with the aim of correcting the bad desires of a person for good ones. If people do not want to work with them, it means that they are running away from their main job: correcting egoism for altruism. This means that they cannot transform bad desires within themselves into good ones.


Selfishness at work

We see that the world is powerless in conflicts between countries, especially if these countries are nuclear. In America and Europe, ninety-five percent of the population refuses to send their children to settle the world's conflicts. It is also not possible to strangle another country economically because of interdependencies in many areas.

On the other hand, after many torments, after the shedding of blood, all nations will understand that the word unity between people and nations should be perceived as the key to the only way out of the situation.

Unfortunately, we instantly deny the most important laws that came to us from the sages who comprehended human nature. The selfishness of our leaders and each of us forces us to hide behind the words about the "Motherland, which is waiting for feats from its sons." But this is already a late stage, a consequence of early wrong behavior. Therefore, it is necessary to call that pile of coffins that the military leaders will send to the addresses of residence, the defense of the Motherland.

In fact, preliminary efforts to properly educate a person on the basis of the laws of Nature and the sages who described these laws are called the real defense of the Motherland. This upbringing includes the cessation of plundering the bins and property of the Motherland, the cessation of nationalist chatter and, above all, concern for the person. About his proper upbringing.

What can we reap when we accustom children to war games from childhood, where virtual murder is the highest virtue? Where does the media encourage Forbes-listed thieves and extol the plundering of the country as the highest human achievement? True, they sometimes “leak” some of the thieves, but these are mostly those who did not share with higher authorities and with the press itself.

The power of thought

The most powerful and sensitive weapon discovered today is the power of thought. Many scientists argue that we are intertwined in one field at the human level, and just as there are electric and magnetic force fields and the gravitational field, so there are other force fields. We exist in a web of forces that bind us together.

The power of thought is enormous, and the space of its action is in the network of communication between us: one can think, and the other suddenly perceives the thought. One feels some kind of desire in the heart, while the other suddenly reveals it. Therefore, if we think well of another, then this other will perceive this thought and will think well of you too ....

But is this law being fulfilled today? People do the opposite. And they inflict the greatest damage on themselves by participating in squabbles on social networks.

The power of disgust and hatred that people constantly generate because of their selfish nature is destructive. Consciously or unconsciously, they radiate negative force. And the results are revealed before our eyes: each is filled with pride, each in a pose in relation to the other, each undermines the other. "Attacks", swearing and insults in social networks have become a mass phenomenon. Therefore, my friends, there is no need to be surprised and shout that a war has suddenly begun. Who caused her by their actions?

On the other hand, we say that there is no money to raise us and our children…. I think that the funds that are now being spent on the war between Russia and Ukraine would be enough for these two countries for many years of educational process.


  1. Yes, a lot of useful things could be done for the money spent on the war. And people would be saved, they wouldn’t add orphans, they wouldn’t feed hatred and build cheaper housing, schools, kindergartens, hospitals for everyone, and all this against the backdrop of universal proper education .

  2. Strange article. Why didn't Russia send troops to the territory of NATO states? Why is the main goal of Russia, which is officially proclaimed, the denazification of Ukraine? The author did not confuse anything? Or does the author not read the speeches of the leader of Russia?
    Expensive site Club "22nd century": stop being a propaganda site!

  3. Dear Vladimir, this article does not say that war is good. I agree with you that war is disgusting, that war is a crime against humanity. Here we write about the basic principles of human change. These principles are expressed in one phrase - you should not do to another what you do not want for yourself. If Russia used this principle, would it attack Ukraine? Now the whole world, unfortunately, uses only their own benefit. Therefore, there will always be wars and conflicts ...

  4. Dear Vladimir. If everyone will use the principle: do not do for another what you do not wish for yourself. If the world had carried out educational work, then Russia would never have started a war with Ukraine ...

  5. Fucking thinkers! Russia is the aggressor! The history of fascism repeated itself in the 21st century! This Shame will never be washed away!

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