Man is free to think


Even in the hardest of times and in the most extreme of situations, the human heart is free. Whatever he encounters, he can choose how he feels about it. Now that Europe is at war again, he can choose unity. After all, war is only an extreme degree of disunity. The antidote to it is unity. And humanity, if it wants it badly enough, can achieve unity throughout the world.

A strong desire is a heartfelt and precise request to correct a painful situation. In a state of separation and enmity, nothing can prevent a person from thinking about unity and love. He is always free to think.

Wars are won in spirit, not with weapons. So we need to lift our spirits above our dismal reality and think about how to unite people over all the differences, conflicts and animosities.

If all of humanity unites around the war in Ukraine and thinks about ending it, about the parties finding the strength to resolve their differences peacefully, no ill-will will be able to oppose it. Together, humanity can put out the fire of war around the world. In war there are no winners, only losers. It is the duty of all of us to wish with all our hearts that our enemies lay down their arms.

Everything that happens happens in order to connect humanity, to unite it. The terrible events currently unfolding must be a springboard for global unity. But this can only happen if people do not shirk their duty to rise above themselves and form a global circular responsibility. If we do not seize the opportunity to build unity around the world, then our children will ask for what has already happened and what will still happen.

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