Anthropogenic factor in biosphere pollution


An essay published by the University of California, Davis describes the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions, social relations and politics. The essay argues that it is not the level of air pollution that dictates the policy of gas emissions, but politics and social relations are the key factors. Since modern models take into account scientific data and ignore the human factor influencing gas emissions, they are always wrong. In our opinion, the human factor is not only decisive, it is the only element that causes damage to the environment, since people are the only element in the universe that radiates hatred into this world.

Our biosphere is made up of layers. At the base of the pyramid is a mineral layer. Above it is the flora or vegetable layer, and above the flora is the fauna or animal layer. The human level is at the top of the pyramid, like the head in the body. For this reason, humanity determines the health and strength of all layers below it.

Among all layers, there is a carefully maintained balance that maintains the prosperity of all levels of nature. The only exception is the human layer. People are full of hatred for each other and seek not only to dominate, but also to humiliate each other. To achieve their goal, they are ready to use and abuse anyone and anything. At the same time, they unbalance the entire planetary system.

People are the worst. They are worse than methane gas, than burning fossil fuels, polluting the sea, polluting the soil and polluting the air. Even if humans didn't limit the use of all the chemicals and CO2 emissions they throw into the planetary ecosystem, they still wouldn't do as much harm as they do by simply spewing hatred into the system.

Here is a study demonstrating this. In 2015, the journal Science published a report on life in the exclusion zone around the derelict nuclear reactor near Chernobyl that exploded in 1986. Dozens of kilometers became free from people. Wild animals have taken over the area. Scientists expected that they would either not last long or suffer severe deformation due to the high level of radioactive radiation that persisted throughout the territory and continues to this day. However, scientists who conducted the study from 2008 to 2010 reported "no evidence of adverse effects of radiation on mammal populations".

What's more, Jim Smith, co-author of the study, said that "when people are removed, nature blossoms, even after the worst nuclear accident in the world." Smith also added, "We're not saying radiation is good for animals, but we're saying the presence of humans is worse."

Therefore, if we want to restore the balance of the Earth, purify the air, purify the soil and neutralize the water, we need to worry not about the gases that we emit, but about the feelings that we broadcast. These are the real pollutants, and they are the ones we need to clean up.

It is not easy to cleanse our hearts so that they do not radiate hatred. This is a serious educational process that people must undertake collectively, realizing that this is the only option - in order to avoid a global cataclysm.

Everything would be bearable if there was time. The deterioration of the climate and the growing pollution are gradual processes. However, education, including self-education, is also a gradual process. Therefore, we must be patient and determined to start as soon as possible and not stop until we have fundamentally changed our attitude towards each other. Because only if we eradicate the hatred that creates all the misery and crises in our world, we will have a future on this planet.


  1. Indeed, there are very few people who track the ecology of their thoughts. Few people care that his words cause a positive effect, my main word is more important than yours ... and the essence splashed out like water from a bath, but already with the child.
    Excellent article, thanks!

  2. Very clear article, simple but informative and actionable. Thank you.
    I practically do not know a single person who does not care about the environment. They write about it. They talk about it - in schools and in kitchens, experts argue on TV, heads of enterprises pay fines and burn this ecology ...
    And everyone understands that now it is “too late to drink Borjomi”, the time has come for serious action. But no matter what is done at the physical level to limit CO2, the situation does not change for the better. Rather the opposite.
    But all the time it seemed to me that we were missing the MAIN component - the ECOLOGY OF THE SOUL. A few years ago, when I tried to formulate my thoughts on this matter, they looked at me with regret, they say, again some kind of conspiracy theory, a conspiracy theory ...
    Now the situation is changing radically, people of all strata and levels of education have begun to realize that enmity and hatred is a powerful force directed against the very source of this hatred.
    But what is interesting is that this understanding comes from BOTTOM, from the most ordinary people. TOP resist with all their might. People of my generation remember this phrase: “The lower classes cannot, the upper classes do not want” and what follows it leads to.
    But in understanding the ecology of the soul and the consequences of underestimating it, WE ALL are connected by a single chain.
    We have nowhere to hide, the planet is one for all. And if we do not stop poisoning her with our negativity, she, our beautiful Earth, will simply shake us off like harmful insects from her body.
    Here's an alternative for all of us...

    The main thing is to at least stop, for "to think" ...
    But do we have WHAT TO OFFER THE WORLD?

  3. People need to wake up and think about how much we influence everything that surrounds us. The topic of ecology is now relevant, but everything that scientists and politicians say and do is, unfortunately, far from a solution to the problem. Because there is no awareness and understanding of the true cause.

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