The pandemic is on the wane. What's next?


You feel it in the air, you talk about it with your friends: the pandemic is on the wane. Although there are still many cases of infection in the world, countries one by one are lifting restrictions, canceling mandatory masks and allowing air travel.

The ministries of health have updated the incidence data and report a continued decline in all indicators, including the incidence rate and hospital occupancy. To some extent, the current pandemic is under control. It looks like the fifth wave is coming to an end, and in just a few weeks we will be able to breathe again.

Whether the coronavirus will completely recede or not, it is unlikely that we will get rid of the blows of nature so easily. Because if not this strain, then there will be another strain or new problems that no one expects. How to live in such conditions?

The current pandemic, and every crisis we know of, is nature's response to individualism. It requires a relationship between people that will allow them to merge in harmony with all parts of the biosphere. Therefore, nature will continue to strike blow after blow to put people back on the right track.

We cannot ignore the good things covid has given us. We are used to living at home more, spending time with family, doing everything together, learning online and discovering the beauty in the simple things around us.

The coronavirus has trimmed the excess fat of human society: less unnecessary businesses, less pointless activities, less absurd waste and pollution. He taught us to live without going crazy. And now, even if the epidemic is shrinking at a certain rate, we must, of our own accord, continue the line of change it started and expand the work of creating a good and balanced life.

First of all, we need to provide a better education for our children, increase their awareness of integral nature , human nature and the desired relationships between people. Second, we need to look at how we can create the right conditions for every individual and every family, how to secure vital food supplies, and how to prepare for the looming climate crisis and other range of diseases.

Humanity has been so busy fighting the pandemic that now the restoration of society must be made our top priority. We must use the respite to heal the real disease found in society and mend the relationship between us in all aspects of life.

The truth is that it is important to solve problems together, to take care of everything that people have neglected for years. This in itself is already half the cure. The problem is the lack of good human connection between people; it is the natural disunity that gnaws at us. If we deal only with the basic and necessary things that need to be settled now, we will find that the most important thing is the friendly connection between people and a sense of brotherhood and solidarity. In a close spiritual connection between people, a new life is revealed, and when we draw closer to each other, we really rise to a new level of existence.

Ideal conditions have now been created for fundamental social change. In many cases, we no longer need to work physically, spend money like there is no tomorrow, or even leave our homes. With calm, prudent, deliberate steps and sustainable thinking, we can change our way of life without experiencing tragic situations. The fatigue, weakness, exhaustion, and burnout we are experiencing right now is also good for us. They call on us to mobilize more of the inner, spiritual forces that will help us create a happy, fulfilling life for ourselves.


  1. I really want to believe that we will change our way of thinking and help Nature with our actions.

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