Social Engineering – a matter of perspective


A hot topic of discussion in recent years has been social engineering, which can be defined as the involuntary manipulation of people into actions and attitudes that conform to the will of the manipulator. It has been that way for centuries, but now we have realized it. It’s awful what people do to each other. But when we know it exists, at least we know how easily we can be fooled, and that the truth depends on the perspective of who is better at manipulating people.

Social engineering is everywhere: in news stories that show only one perspective, in newspapers that distort stories to show the opposite of what actually happened, in photographs taken in one place but captioned to tell a different story, in fake studies funded by corporations or shareholders that dictate their “scientific” conclusions, in “quotes” from anonymous sources that cannot be verified but give us the “information” that social engineering wants to convey, and countless others

It used to be that rulers used soldiers, secret services, and police to increase their power over society. Today they rule by manipulating the public into believing what they want them to believe.

But you can’t accuse rulers of being manipulative. People themselves want to be manipulated. No one wants to know the truth, and, as in any market, no one will sell a product if there is no demand for it. Moreover, if someone spreads a lie that people like to hear and calls it “the truth,” it will find many customers.

At present, what pleases our ego we believe to be true. It’s as if all reality is in front of us, but all our attention is focused on the box in front of us. We do not see reality around us, but only the box.

The box is the ego, and it projects only what the ego likes on the person. As a result, he thinks this is reality because he is focused only on the box and cannot see the surrounding reality.

Meanwhile, those who manipulate the boxes that represent our reality do whatever they want. They have no reason to hide their vices, because corruption brings them glory, and thanks to social engineering they get away with it. There is no salvation unless we free ourselves from the clutches of the box-ego that defines our perception.

There is only one way to break out of the box: switch to the opposite mode of operation. Instead of focusing on what we can get from everything we come in contact with, we should focus on what we can give.

Only when we focus on giving rather than receiving can we experience true freedom – freedom from ego. Freed from the ego, we will judge everything by its true nature. If enough people adopt this mindset, our whole reality will change and we won’t have to constantly struggle to impose our point of view on everyone.

When there is a war, everyone loses. But when people try to support and help each other, everyone wins. Our task today is to bring this simple truth to as many people as possible. When enough people understand this, they will work together to create a new reality in which everyone is taken care of and no one is manipulated.

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