Is man capable of working for humanity?


All actions supposedly performed for the sake of humanity are actually done for the sake of oneself, in order to show one's rightness, strength, and power. And so a person works, claiming that he is trying for the sake of humanity.

And if a person really wants to work for the sake of humanity, then he already needs the power of bestowal. Therefore, if someone declares that he is ready to work only for the benefit of society, then this is a lie. He just doesn't understand what he's talking about.

But humanity no longer has the strength to work for itself, because it has reached such a limit when everyone has already completed his egoistic development. And now we need to develop by uniting people.

We see that all of nature develops in a similar way: at first, amoeba, the simplest organisms, developed, until the molecules began to combine into more complex systems. And as a result, they began to form more complex bodies that have feelings and reason, a division of roles within the association.

Humanity begins to feel that it lacks the strength to continue to exist. And when it tries to receive these forces from nature egoistically, it cannot do it and raises its hands from helplessness. This is where the integrity of the world should be revealed.

All our previous development up to this point was in order to reveal to us a complete zero, that is, that we do not have a single correct goal and strength to achieve something true. We must know this truth.

A person is not able to work for the sake of humanity, because for this he needs to rise above himself. It has no ability to sense humanity.

He can feel the family because it is one of the basic desires: food, sex, family, and therefore he is ready to work for her. But humanity and even the people are almost imperceptible concepts for a person. After all, he must feel egoistically that they are inside him in order to work for them. And if he does not have such a feeling, then there is no desire to make efforts.

Therefore, one additional component is needed here: “above knowledge”, that is, a connection with the power of nature due to its disclosure. And this power can be revealed only by the similarity of properties. This "small" addition reveals to us a whole spiritual world, the true reality.

But we need to build this world ourselves, it does not exist outside of us. We cannot reveal it until we reach the form of the universe. And this form is an integral group . Therefore, first of all, people should try to join each other.

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