Thought control is the key to health


How do thoughts affect health?

Insomnia. Thoughts hurt. They bombard and keep you awake. And even if you managed to fall asleep, they wake you up from sleep and continue to torment you. As a rule, thoughts are not the best. Let me tell you straight away, it's disturbing.

Here's an example for you. My husband was late after work. At that time, the wife changed her mind about a mountain of thoughts, and all of them were negative. He had an accident, he was robbed and killed, or even worse - cheating .... In fact, the husband went for a bouquet of flowers and got stuck in line. Those half an hour were torture.

So we live in a fictional, torn off from reality, negative world. We register thousands of thoughts a day, and they all repeat.

There are a couple dozen thoughts that come to us like an endless stream. When we get tired of them, but cannot get rid of them, the body comes to the rescue and gives us physical problems that dominate and give real health problems. We call it psychosomatics . The vast majority of diseases, including back pain, high blood pressure, and many others, are representatives of psychosomatics. These are states caused by unbridled thoughts.

Where do thoughts come from?

There is another type of thought. Let's say I want to buy a watch. I can't help thinking where to buy, how to find money, how it will increase my self-esteem. Here thoughts work to serve our desires.

So where do desires and thoughts come from? This question has interested me since childhood and served as one of the reasons to become a doctor and understand it.

At first I thought it was a chemical reaction in the brain cells. Then it occurred to me that this is an electrical connection between cells. Today, after many years of research, I know for sure that the brain does not produce desire or thought. We live in a space where they exist, change and influence me and all of humanity. My favorite psychiatrist of all time, Carl Jung, called it the river of consciousness, where there is information about the past, present and future. We are simply recipients of desires and thoughts. The more sensitive among us can tell with accuracy about our past and present. There is a problem with the future, because there is a free will clause.


How to manage thoughts?

Our life is a theater of puppets. There is a puppeteer who controls us with the help of desires and thoughts. These are the invisible threads that connect us with the system of the higher world. Instead of fighting with your desires and thoughts, you need to gratefully connect with the puppeteer's plan to start living a conscious life.

Here comes my desire. It is neither bad nor good - it is a connection point with the higher world. We can, like animals, blindly cater to this desire or take it as a prompt and an invitation to experience a higher world. And the thoughts that come from there serve our desires.

It is here that there is a fork in the road that we call intent. You can use desires for your own benefit and live in our world, running after the satisfaction of these desires. But, as we see, this does not lead to anything good. Even if you are rich, famous and influential, everything ends the same way. Short-term happiness, as a rule, is replaced by a gaping hole of lack in the heart.

Let's be healthy and happy

The sages teach us that if we change the intention of fulfilling our desires aimed at the benefit of others, then we will be complementary with the laws of the upper world and leave this imaginary world, where there is much more grief than joy. We will be able to look at our world with completely different eyes, where one takes care of the other, as in a good good family. Physically, nothing will change, but our feelings will be joyful and happy. All our organs and systems will begin to work in accordance with the harmony of the universe , where there is nothing pretentious or unnecessary.

The rain will turn from a feeling of bad weather into life-giving moisture, so necessary for dry land, plants, animals, and even ourselves. In this world, thoughts cannot be controlled, because. they are not given to us to succeed here for ourselves at someone else's expense. Thoughts are given to connect with that higher world, where there is no death, suffering and disease. Let us think about it, feel it with our hearts, and begin to live consciously. Without going into fantasy, but right now and here we will be healthy and happy.


  1. After the old people were forbidden to leave their homes to travel to other areas of the metropolis and they took away free travel in public transport, many stopped leaving their homes altogether, especially in the off-season, in frost, in the heat and waiting for orders from pharmacies and supermarkets. Lost interest in ordinary life, even with grandchildren are seen by phone or computer. I don’t know if depression is a prolonged or heart weakness, but the desire was gone, my legs were weakened from sitting in the apartment. Therefore, the misfortune of the reverse side of the coronavirus is no less than the disease itself, even if of moderate severity ... So will the elderly catch thoughts about their uselessness to anyone and a meaningless existence now, when they are not an employee, not an assistant to the tynes? Doctors stopped coming to the call, the pension was transferred to the card, and even the postman does not come ... It’s good for those who are decent Internet users, but if you don’t have a computer or don’t know how to use it? Imagine the scale of such forced loneliness lasting the third year !!!

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