How to play the game of life


Why do kids wake up with a smile on their face and jump out of bed while adults reach for their cell phone to set the alarm to snooze? Why are young people energetic and ready to conquer the world, while older people are cautious and indecisive? Can we stay young forever? After all, if life is not a game , then there is no excitement in it. And if there is no passion in life, then what is the point of living?

Would we like to continue enjoying life? Then you need to turn it into a pleasure that never ends. This game is very different from anything we know. It's not about what we can get, it's about what we can find! Connecting to other people, we discover new worlds, worlds of other people!

How? You need to focus on others, not yourself. It may seem simple, but if you try it, you will realize how self-absorbed you are.

We are all like that. Even those who feel generous and giving, who are absorbed in their own affairs and do not see how much they do it for their own interest, And how focused on their own benefit when they give. Giving is good, but the main thing here is who is in the spotlight. If the focus were on the recipient, the giver would find countless revelations hidden from selfish eyes.

For the game to succeed, we need partners. It is impossible to play the game of altruism without people to whom we can give and from whom we can receive. Therefore, there must be a group of people, ten people or so, who play a game together.

To succeed in discovering other players' worlds, we need to think well of them. Otherwise, we will have no incentive to approach them, no desire to discover their world. We can think well of each other if we do something good for each other. It may be the simplest things, but they should make us feel good about each other. Positive thoughts about each other bring us closer, and closeness opens our minds and hearts to others so that we can see the world through their eyes.

As in any game, the more we practice, the better we get, and the more difficult, but also more rewarding, the game becomes. Unlike any other game , as we improve in it, our whole outlook on life changes and expands, and we become wiser and more competent.

The game of life, unlike any other game, reveals to us the mysteries of life, the secrets of reality. After all, when you can look at something from all sides, nothing remains hidden from you.

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