Robin Hood among the trees

Robin Hood

Carbon is the true currency of the forest. During photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere and share some of it with fungi that grow on their roots. In return, mushrooms provide them with nutrients and minerals—nitrogen and phosphorus—that trees cannot absorb from the soil. A new study by the Israel Society for Ecology has shown that fungi do not use all the carbon for themselves. Instead, they "steal" it from stronger trees and pass it on to weaker ones. In a sense, they are a kind of Robin Hood among the trees, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

This is another confirmation of the truth: where the fittest survive, the friendliest actually survive. The ego hides the truth from us and prevents us from building a peaceful and prosperous life.

Relations between people are much more complex and intricate than between trees. If we used them correctly, we could feed the whole of humanity in abundance. Even if there were many more people in the world than the current population of the world. But we don't use our connections properly, only to dominate others. In doing so, we doom ourselves to eternal wars and inevitable death.

Human selfishness is blinding. He makes people feel that if they share their wealth, they will remain in poverty. In truth, the empirical evidence shows that those who share end up having greater abundance than those who don't, both financially and emotionally. While the stingy lose by the end of their lives.

Robin Hood

For example, the current chip shortage could have been prevented if people had coordinated their needs. And today, every company stocks up on surpluses and empties the shelves. The supply chain crisis , when ships wait for weeks at ports to unload, is also an unnecessary result of an unwillingness to cooperate and consider the needs of others.

If we want to use the interconnections in our society for the common good, then we need to start thinking about how to use them for the common good, and not just for the benefit of those in power. Otherwise, the shortage of supplies will worsen to such an extent that it will be difficult for us to provide ourselves with the most basic and necessary foodstuffs.

Perhaps it is not natural for a person to share, as is natural. But he has no choice. Therefore, we are given intelligence - to understand why the exchange is beneficial.

Nature has its Robin Hoods, and man has nothing but the legend of a noble warrior. If we want a peaceful and prosperous future, then we must cherish the Robin Hood hidden in ourselves.


  1. Can we try to be Robin Hoods and just wish happiness for everyone with all our hearts? But from the bottom of my heart. It's cheap and easy, right? It's better than solving issues by force. Will it suddenly work?

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