The economics of closed hearts

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In Brazil, the second epidemic begins - the epidemic of hunger . More than 100 million Brazilians - and this, for a second, half the country - can no longer buy meat, dairy products and vegetables. Because of the "corona" in the country, terrible unemployment.

But do you know what is the absurdity of the situation? Brazil is the world's leading beef exporter. 2.5 million tons of slaughtered beef were exported from the country in 2020. Even more is expected by the end of 2021. This is 24% of all world beef exports.

How does half the population of the country go hungry if so much meat is produced here? How can this be?!

You will object: this is a market economy. Who pays - he buys. If 100 million Brazilians can't pay for beef, let them starve. Listen, where did this market economy come from? Did the Martians bring it to us? This is how we all decided to live together. They themselves organized such an economic model of indifference. And most importantly, we believe that this is normal.

There are also millions of poor people in Russia. True, we have beautifully learned to play with numbers. Back in the first quarter of 2021, there were 20.8 million poor people in the country. Then they introduced a new calculation method, and in the third quarter there were already 16 million of them. Imagine, you don’t have to go to the circus to see such tricks! We changed the calculation method and reduced the number of poor by 4.8 million people! For one day!

In our realities, everything is decided by numbers and tables. My only question is: when did people stop being people and become numbers? Why have we turned ourselves into statistics? In soulless, neat figures in columns?

And there is no one to blame. We all agree to live like this. While everything is fine with me, I don’t even think about how others live, or I don’t want to notice.

A Tajik family lives in a neighboring house. They have six children. My wife is washing the porch. She knocks on the door yesterday and asks to pay her, and I just forgot about it. Some unfortunate 200 rubles, but for her it's money. Why didn't I think of it? Yes, because it is as callous and soulless as these statistics figures.

You tell me, this is how life works! Every man for himself. Well, this is how we arranged it ourselves. I don't care about the fate of others, and others don't care about my fate. You don't touch me and I don't touch you. And our economy is the same. Abundance is everywhere, stores are full of food, and for tens of millions of people it is not available just like in Brazil. One to one.

When will we start to change? When will we start to think about each other and come out of the shell of our own little world? After all, we generally ceased to feel each other. Maybe that's how hunger starts. Someone has nothing to eat, and although there are people around, there is no one to turn to. Because our hearts are closed.

This is the root of all our problems - closed hearts. And we are obliged to open them to each other. There is no other way out. Only in this way will it be possible to build a human economy - an economy of open hearts.



  1. If we lived in communities, we would know better what is happening with our neighbor and no one would go hungry, but life is different, huge megacities and the money divide have alienated people from each other and even shared families and we have not only abandoned children, but also old people .The so-called Social Security sends its employees and relatives twice a year to free sanatoriums, and the disabled are offered cold periods and dilapidated sanatoriums, in which there were once Soviet sanatoriums, and now refugees and food live, like in a toshnilovek. I experienced this , a disabled person with many years of experience, who simply had to refuse free sanding ...

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