Will planet Earth die?


Every day we move on the surface of the Earth, not even suspecting that it was once an ocean of red-hot lava. Of course, that was a long time ago, almost five billion years ago. Gradually, the boiling fireball cooled down and turned into a stone desert. As a result of all kinds of geological, chemical and physical processes, we got what we call planet Earth today.

If you imagine the Earth in a section, you can find that inside there are still layers with a very high temperature. This is the core of the planet. Scientists say that the core of the Earth is really a hot solid material, although it has some elastic properties - like gold or platinum. For students of geology, this is something like a time capsule: if we can solve its mystery, then we will understand how the planet was formed and how it develops.

The core is the "heart" of the Earth and plays a decisive role in its life. The principle of this construction is the same as in any other organism. For millions of years, the temperature of the core has not actually dropped. But the researchers noticed that in recent years it has been cooling at an increased rate. It has been estimated that this is happening 1.5 times faster than expected. Scientists have called this the "dying" of the Earth. It would seem, what does this mean for us - earthlings?


The fact is that all the processes occurring in nature affect us in one way or another. Let it happen gradually and still quite slowly, and until it cools down completely, about a billion years. In any case, we do not have the slightest desire for this to happen.

In 2003, the science fiction film The Earth's Core was filmed. According to the plot of the film, as a result of the cooling of the core, the Earth's geomagnetic field disintegrates. Animals and birds lose their bearings. Failures in electronics lead to death of people. But a hero scientist appears who creates an apparatus capable of launching the "heart" of the planet. His colleagues are building a ship capable of penetrating the bowels of the Earth, which is what happens as a result. With the help of a nuclear explosion, it is possible to bring our planet back to life. But all this is only the imagination of the author.

In reality, this process does not depend on the person. Maybe in a billion years, scientists will really be able to find a way to extend the life of the Earth. This is a considerable period. But already today it is worth behaving in such a way as not to die ahead of time for other reasons directly related to the anthropogenic factor .

Flora and fauna instinctively observe the laws of nature of interaction and balance. And only man in absolutely all his actions is opposite to nature, takes it out of balance. Therefore, the person has reached a critical state. The earth can no longer bear it.

Only the study of the unity of nature and the observance of the law of complete interaction with it will allow us to rebuild our civilization.


  1. Can we change ourselves? After all, everyone is waiting for someone else to change. The planet reacts to our evil with earthquakes, volcanoes, once there was a flood because of our evil.
    How will it change, who will teach? Where is such a school located, and is there one?

  2. It all depends on the conditional pagodas, as well as on the people, the more anger, the stronger the volcano and zimlitriseniya.

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