Clean Energy Requires Clean Intentions

clean energy

Clean energy is energy derived from zero-emission renewable sources that do not pollute the atmosphere when used, as well as energy saved through energy efficiency measures.

The gold standard for clean energy is to be carbon neutral . If energy production does not release more carbon than it seizes, the process is considered clean energy. Recently, researchers from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) even surpassed the gold standard. They have succeeded in generating electricity from algae with currents that are on par with those obtained from standard solar panels. Moreover, in the process, the algae released oxygen and absorbed carbon. This "carbon negative" process not only generates energy, but also cleans the air.

Unfortunately, mankind will not be able to enjoy the fruits of this stunning discovery. Human nature ensures that only those who own the patent will benefit. The rest will pay for it if they can afford it, and the environment will be subjected, as usual, to abhorrent violence.

Nature is full of abundance. With the right approach, people could provide themselves with energy, food, and everything else they need with very little effort. They really could live on Earth as in paradise, if only they would change their attitude.

With the current selfish attitude, people are constantly trying to get as much as possible, much more than they need. Thus, they doom themselves to a constant war with every person, with all of humanity and with all of nature. In other words, a self-centered, unfriendly attitude towards others dooms a person to an eternal war of exhaustion from the day of birth until the day of death.

Nature gives all creatures exactly what they need. She also instilled in them the instinct to use only what they need to satisfy their needs, and no more than that. But nature created people differently: greedy, cruel and domineering.

There is a good reason for the “flaws” that nature has placed in us: if we make a conscious effort to change ourselves and become like the rest of nature, we will understand and feel nature on a deeper level than any other being.

Just as nature gives everyone exactly what they need, people must learn to see that everyone has what they need, including themselves, without abusing or exploiting others. If humanity takes this approach, it will discover countless ways to improve life. It will have all the energy it needs and even more, all food, water, shelter, education, rest and whatever else it desires, and in abundance. If people do not try to deny others what they need, or harm in some other way for their own pleasure, their life will be perfect.

With a thoughtful and sensitive approach, there will be no wars, no shortages, no pollution. When the biosphere returns to balance, it will finally become the Promised Land it should be. When the only harmful element on it is transformed.

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