Health 2022. Are there no diseases?


Are there any diseases?

In 40 years of medical practice, I have seen so many diseases that the average person cannot even imagine. There are genetics, and an accident, and just fate. We are trying to find answers, and because of these answers, life expectancy has increased.

Today in my practice there are several children with congenital diabetes. This is a real disease that cannot be denied. Thanks to the development of modern medicine, they not only live, but they have a decent quality of life. The strongest areas of medicine today are emergency services, whether it be emergency rooms or intensive care, and, of course, surgery. We have achieved incredible results.

Having paid tribute to reality and enthusiastically watching this part of medicine, here we will talk about how diseases can be avoided, and what diseases we arrange for ourselves out of the blue. Keep in mind that there is something that we can do and something that does not depend on us, which we call fate or fate.

What can we do to not get sick?

It is necessary to understand how a person differs from an animal, and whether there are health benefits from this difference. The animal lives by instincts laid down by nature. I'm not talking about pets. They are "half people". Our human part is absolutely social and directly depends on the environment and social ties. So, we will put our animal and our human in different baskets. It's very simple. All we can do to serve our animal is food, drink, air, and exercise. It's disgusting, but it is what it is - so we need to maintain our animal body.

We love our pets, we give them the best food, walk them and do everything to keep them happy and healthy. We look at ourselves differently. We eat dry food, it is not known what, and very quickly. There is no time for movement, because there are more important things to do. We get fat, but even this does not push us to move and eat less. We eat not what is useful, but what brings quick pleasure.

With the human part, it is much more difficult - this is our relationship with our own kind and with nature.

What is the root of diseases that can be avoided?

We imagined ourselves the crown of nature. Or it was imposed on us from the outside. We go against the laws of nature and use what is harmful to us, and do not move away from it, like animals.

The worst thing is our hostile relationship. Look at what is happening today at work, in the family, in the state and between states. We simply stir up negative energy, which negatively affects not only our health, but the whole world.

We have come to a point where a virus, invisible to the ordinary eye, has infected the entire planet. We fight him with everything we know, but so far we are losing. He is and according to forecasts will not leave us soon. Mutations are in the queue and give us different problems. Delta is more deadly, Omicron is more spreadable.

We cannot imagine how many illnesses we produce ourselves through our wrong relationships. Divorces lead to mass diseases not only

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