How to avoid zombies?


Зомбирование – это превращение человека в зомби — послушного исполнителя чужой воли. Телевидение, радио или Интернет способны сформировать в подсознании любые установки. Как избежать зомбирования?

Each person is opposite to the other, because he was born with great love for himself and rightly feels and acts only according to his own benefit. So do countries and their governments - only according to their own benefit. As a result, a few dozen people have half the wealth of the entire earth, and half of humanity is starving. Nature has been so destroyed that it will soon be impossible to find a clean corner of the earth even for these sixty. In all countries, the consciousness of people is being zombied so that a person turns into a creature of consumption and does not ask such unnecessary questions as:

What will happen to the warming of the earth? What to do with the lack of oxygen on earth? What is the point in my life - to live for several decades and, like in some kind of movie, disappear from this life without a trace?

There are no answers to these and other questions. Even the leading powers of the world could not agree on the fight against warming. And they never can. Personal gain obscures the eyes and makes you "spit" on others. Even if the whole world perishes, this will not force a person to give up his principles - to receive everything from life and give nothing to others. Therefore, he feels alienation, loneliness in this world. Even in your own family.

In order to avoid zombifying a person and sliding the world into an abyss, it is quite clear that only the correction of selfishness, and not its consequences, can change the situation. To do this, a person must rise to another - the highest moral - level. Where could he get out of his box of egoism and see that the world around him is full of love and mercy, and only by changing his natural properties he can feel it. All this is possible due to the convergence of our opposite properties. As much as possible, so that people become as close as possible to each other. At the same time, the individuality of each will remain unchanged. Only relationships between people change .

Work on egoism is carried out in two stages:

1) The person is interested in the method of changing relationships .

2) A person begins practical work to find common points of interaction between people.

Therefore, this article is intended for beginners. It is very important for them to gain minimal knowledge about the laws of the connection of opposites and start thinking about how to manifest themselves in this world as much as possible. How to earn those values that will not disappear with the disappearance of our mortal body.

If a large mass of people think about the purpose of their existence, this will undoubtedly have a positive effect on our lives. The world will become safer, more comfortable for existence. And we seemed to be so small and insignificant - it is we, and not the governments of all countries combined, who will change life for the better. And it will improve, because we have come to the main law - the law of love.


  1. They rounded it off well, but love is getting smaller so far, tolerance for each other dries up very quickly and people scatter, children suffer from this and, growing up, no longer want to create their own families and have children ...

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