Carl Jung's last interview

Carl Jung

How to find goodness within yourself?

I recently read one of the last interviews of the great psychologist Carl Jung . He was asked if there will be a third world war? He replied that he did not see clear signs of this, but today we most of all need to study the person himself, to understand his inner nature, because the only existing danger is the person himself. We ourselves are the source of all future evil.

And I would also ask Jung: “But what about good? Are you leaving no place for good in this world? You can’t just paint everything with black paint. Man is supposedly evil and nothing but evil? I cannot agree with this. I certainly don't consider myself evil. Ask anyone, and even yourself: do you consider yourself evil? On the other hand, if we are all - both I and you - are good, then why is there so much evil in the world?

I agree with Carl Jung that everything must be sought within oneself. Only now the question would be put in a different way: not how to eradicate evil, but how to find goodness within oneself? I am sure that all the secrets of nature are hidden inside a person.

Peace between good and evil

One of my friends, Yura, got cancer last year. Stomach, fourth stage. They didn’t even operate, they just sent him home to die. So, not only did Yura not die, but he looks healthier than me at 55! I once asked him: “How did you get out?” And he said, "Because of my son."

Imagine, he and his wife were able to give birth to a son in their sixties. He is now three years old. Yura says that he was thinking all the time, who will put this kid on his feet? This gave him inner strength: he did not prepare to die and did not feel sorry for himself, but, on the contrary, he felt some kind of great thirst for life for the sake of his little son. And he is sure that it was this love for his son that defeated cancer.

Surely, everyone has heard such stories, and I myself can remember a couple of cases. So tell me how does this miracle happen? People get out of hopeless situations. Does that mean we have some hidden powers?

Maybe Carl Jung was looking for them in his psychological practice? Tried to understand how you can manage them, these internal forces?

Harmony is the balance of positive and negative forces

But here the following question arises, deeper: why? Why manage them? Suppose I discovered some incredible potential in myself. What should I do with it? How to use it? In fact, there are only two answers: either for evil or for good.

But you know, I'm almost sure that if we managed to unearth these forces in ourselves, we would destroy this whole world! Really staged a third world. I have a feeling that all our potential is hidden from us until we learn how to use it for the benefit of ourselves and others.

We call ourselves people, but I will say this: there is us, and there is also a person inside us, that is, like a person in a person. Here he is a spark of something good and warm in me. But I don't let him go outside. If I were a scientist, I would do nothing but search for this human within myself. I am even sure that this is the main secret of nature, in which negative and positive forces, good and evil, are in harmony. The same is true in a person, only he must define them, recognize them in himself.

Our goodness is hidden inside our own evil! And the whole task is to reveal it in yourself, your kind attitude towards people, towards nature. Yes to everything!

Probably, it was these forces that were revealed in Yura. He did not just want to survive - he wanted to live for the sake of his little son. That is, for someone else. And then suddenly the healing mechanism kicked in. Here's how it works!

I really hope that we will learn to reveal the good forces in ourselves. Let's learn to be a source of warm, human connections between us. Maybe then no one will get sick.



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