How to find yourself?

How to find yourself

Life is getting better, and more and more unhappy. It's strange, this life, it turns out! What are people missing? The strangest thing is that the happier the country, the more suicides. And recently, a new trend has appeared - before you voluntarily leave for another world, you need to take with you as many friends as possible. Some wildness of primitive slavery!

How to find yourself? What does not allow a person to feel happy? Psychologists say that the feeling of happiness depends on how a person realizes himself in life. Guys, the 21st century is the century of unlimited possibilities. But suddenly it turns out that our options are limited. Who limits them and how? And most importantly - why?

Paradoxically, these limitations come to us from the divinity of man.

Yes Yes Yes! Man is like the Creator. The very word "man" consists of the words "chelo" (forehead, mind) and "age" (eternal); it turns out - the eternal mind. Why not the Creator!?

Man, unlike animals, is capable of creating, and in this way he is also similar to the Creator. Or breaking is also a creation, but with a minus sign. And, in general, I am the only, unique and unrepeatable, like the Creator.

Amazing! What prevents me from self-realization like the Creator? So after all, he is in me - he interferes with me. He prepared a little treat for me….

Imagine: a person is such a vessel given by nature. The vessel is my natural abilities and what I really want. Each one is different in size and shape. If I seek to fill this vessel, i.e. to realize what nature intended, I feel happy. And if for some reason I try to “fill” not my vessel, not my self, then life gradually turns into hell, regardless of the fee for success. As a result, a person throws everything and runs away from such happiness.

Although my vessel is also not obvious, it still needs to be groped, felt. There is a famous case in history when the Roman emperor left power and went to the village to grow cabbage. Recently, there have been many such examples.

But that's not the problem. A person must seek, as they say, his path. The most terrible thing begins when he fully realizes himself on this path, i.e. that same native vessel will be full, regardless of size .... And then the depression began.

Amazing! As long as the vessel is half empty, I am happy, because I am doing what I love, I am striving somewhere. And when it is full, a person has nothing to do, he lies flat on the sofa and stares blankly at the ceiling. There is only strength to kill someone who dares to lure him off the couch. This is such a trick from nature.

Everything is logical. Nature has given man a vessel. She gave strength to fill him. So? Moor did his job? Judging by the spread of the depression, European civilization is approaching this point.

The problem is that we were not there trying to defeat Nature. Yes, we are all people at all times. Because if you oppose yourself to Her, then only all together, as one, and not some kind of loner Nimrod or Prometheus. At first they wanted to build a tower to the heavens, so that the faucet could be shut off there. In Roman times, it was fashionable to demolish some mountains and build others. And our generation generally decided that the rivers flow in the wrong direction. And our slogan is “There is nothing to expect mercy from nature…”.

Here we are lying on the couch and waiting for mercy.

Today, many psychologists build different pyramids of desires. But they all agree on one thing: the highest desire is spiritual desire. Our civilization has practically realized itself and is approaching this peak, and with it we, the people. We see this in the depression pandemic.

The material cup is full, but the spiritual cup is empty. Here it is, our emptiness. As soon as a person begins to fill it, everything will fall into place and life will again be beautiful.

Question: what are these “spiritual desires”, “spiritual vessels-cups”? This is all that is outside of me, because only my I is in me, i.e. my selfishness.

It turns out that spiritual desires are the filling of other people's vessels. Wait a minute! - you object. You said filling other people's cups is hell, right? Yes, hell if you do them when yours is empty. And when it is full, the filling goes through your self-realization. It becomes an instrument in human relations. In this case, your uniqueness is one and only, it is necessary for others. Without you, they just suffer because you have something they don't have. And you become like a creator. This is where your individuality and uniqueness manifests itself! Your glass is unique and unique in the entire system of the Universe and beyond.

I see that you already agree to become a creator and you are trying to ask - how?

And here is the methodology. A lot of them. As everyone has their own personal vessel, so the technique should correspond to the properties of this vessel.

So ask fate to lift you off the couch and lead you to the right place.


  1. What a wonderful article! so simply and with feeling it is written about the important!! Many thanks to the author

  2. Желание – это место для получения наполнения, получать наслаждение. Поэтому самое главное – это желание, и надо настроить себя на то чтобы мыслить желаниями. Если желания работают, человек может легко мыслить, независимо от того, старый он или молодой. Главное – желать, главное – жить в желаниях!
    Кризис – нет постоянного наполнения желания, без границ, но для этого нужна системы связей таких же желающих и наполняющих друг друга. Да..и еще бесконечный Источник жизненной энергии..

  3. Will we now begin to look for the meaning of life and ask for fate, as the author suggests, but that EVERYONE has such a period when this question knocks on his heart and do not blame fate if you did not listen and did not open the door for him.

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