A person who knows how to take care of others

take care of your neighbor

How often in our lives do we meet a person who knows how to take care of strangers? And how does he manage to make them close?

Once we met an elderly couple who later invited us to visit. Their home has become our home for many years. Today, after many years, I look into the past and think about how lucky it was to meet the wonderful mistress of a warm house - Guta Mikhailovna. For her, mercy is a completely natural state.

Guta Mikhailovna and her husband had an adopted granddaughter. She studied music, prepared to sing on stage, chose bold stage outfits. I remember her complaints, worries, talk about rivalry, about the possibility of working on stage. Guta Mikhailovna understood her, carefully translated such conversations away from selfishness to the fact that she still needed to work, learn a little.

Once she told a circle of friends that she met a young woman who lives alone with a child and works at a music school. It did not take many words - soon this woman became our friend. Guta Mikhailovna was only occasionally interested, asking the question: “How does our new friend cope with all the troubles of life”? And we helped the woman in every way we could, but she did not feel that behind all the random worries about her was a good angel - Guta Mikhailovna.

We are all different and our interests are different. It happens that a person studies insects, butterflies for years, but does not study himself! Doesn't ask who am I? Why do I live? Therefore, it cannot save, save another person from pain. Do we often meet such people who know how to take care of complete strangers, who gradually become close to him?

I remember the words of Guta Mikhailovna: “Man is a powerful creature, he can make incredible changes in himself. But he must be willing to study himself and the world." These words sunk into my heart.

Today, people are interested in knowing themselves, because, in fact, we do not know our own properties and qualities well. But this is a separate conversation.

I remembered dear Guta Mikhailovna, who enriched us with her delicate wisdom, kindness and even courage. Interestingly, kindness makes a person brave. She sympathized calmly and confidently, and this influenced the environment in such a way that you can’t tell about everything.

Often children draw the globe, surrounded by a round dance of people from different countries. How do they know about the law of happiness? Who told them that being together, in unity, is the answer to all questions?

It turns out that the science of happiness is quite simple. One has only to consider the essence of our nature, to want to do more for another person than for ourselves. You say it's unrealistic....

But maybe it's time to open schools around the world where the culture of relationships will become a mandatory program?


  1. Few, probably, can be found in our time people like Guta Mikhailovna. Next to which it is warm, cozy, on which you can lean in difficult times. What is this gift of nature or man's work on himself?

  2. Thank you, Firochka, for your warmth and love for people that shine through in your story.

  3. Love for people and care for them is a rare innate human quality. I had such a grandmother. She not only was the soul of a large family, but also took care of everyone she met along the way. Now we cannot rely on nature, we really need to study the culture of relationships between people in schools. This will help build a good future and happy families.

  4. Great article. I recalled one saying that a loving soul is always larger and more extensive than the one that is loved.

  5. We need to learn to open our heart and feel the heart of another person, above all our selfish calculations and fill the desire of our neighbor, enjoying his joy. To love is to satisfy a partner without any personal interest, just like that, humanly…..

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