How to direct your thoughts in the right direction

How to direct your thoughts in the right direction

About the power of thought

Once, as a teenager, I read a book in which the author described the experience of V.I. Vernadsky with an apple. Thirty years later, I do not presume to say that I remember exactly the name of the author of the book, but, it seems, Alekseev. But I remember the experience well. I will try to describe it in my own words.

Two apples were brought to the stage. Their energy parameters were measured using copper wire. Recorded. Then the presenter invited a man and a woman who did not know each other from the left and right stalls. Their energy parameters were also measured. Each participant just had to think positively about the apple. “What a beautiful apple! It is so juicy, ripe, fragrant, appetizing, big, green. And how many vitamins and minerals are in it! It's so healthy and delicious!" After that, energy measurements of the apple were again carried out. They almost tripled in size!

Once the participants had eaten their apples, their energy parameters were measured again. And lo and behold, they have grown! As I understand it, this was the total number of parameters of the apple and the test person. It was a sensation! The whole hall was excited. The apple senses our thoughts! It is charged with our kind, positive thoughts! That is, it reacts and shows its reaction. Unbelievable but true!

I, unfortunately, cannot remember all the figures of the experiment given. But they were presented in the book. The experiment did not end there. Again, two apples, similar to the previous ones, were brought onto the stage. We measured their data. Then the next spontaneously chosen couple was invited to the stage. They also measured the initial energy data. Fixed. The new couple was given another task. They were asked to think negatively about apples: how disgusting, disgusting, it smells bad, it is stale, dirty, wormy; there must be a lot of pesticides there, something like that, if not worse.

A few minutes later, we again made energy measurements of apples. Now the parameters were almost three times lower than the level of the original measurement! That is, it worked in the same way as “corruption” works: a harmful influence from ill-wishers, including with the help of thought. After the test couple ate the "smoothed" apples, they again took energy measurements. This experience showed figures that were much lower than the original ones. That is, no one benefited from the eaten apple, and even vice versa.

So Academician V.I. Vernadsky proved for the first time that the power of thought exists. It is material and its influence is enormous, as it is not limited by distance and force. What matters is who uses it and how.

In general, matter is controlled by the spirit. The example with apples shows how positively the world around us, our good thoughts and promises, influence us. And vice versa, how much we spoil our life and our reality in general with our negative thoughts. Therefore, a thought is a kind of invisible, but felt action, a vector, an influencing force.

How to direct your thoughts in the right direction

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Thought creates. Remember what it says: "In the beginning was the word." And before the word, there is actually a fundamental “point”, from which letter by letter is formed. This is to ensure that the idea and thought are primary. And in general, a thought is a kind of control signal - higher than our world. That is why she, as a force, is able to change our reality. But for this it is necessary that the thought of a person coincides with the thought of Nature, with her plan, program, ultimate goal. And now, when the thought forms generated by human consciousness are opposite to the laws of harmony of Nature, because of this difference we feel disharmony in everything.

Some astronauts who have been in outer space for a long time have felt the influence of some higher thought. Probably due to the fact that they were able to temporarily break away from the interference of our terrestrial ball. It is very interesting! Perhaps Academician Vernadsky put exactly this meaning into what he called the noosphere?

Thought is primary and action is secondary. And a bad thought is much worse than a bad action. Because it can cover all space where there is no time and distance. As opposed to action, which has a temporal, spatial and level framework of influence. Therefore, it is very important to change negative thoughts in the direction of creation. Otherwise, they have the ability to return, but at an enhanced level. And the amplifier is all of humanity. Hence all our suffering.

How to direct your thoughts in the right direction?

What do musicians in an orchestra do before a performance? They tune their instruments to a single tuning fork. He brings them together! For people, the tuning fork is unity. We can all unite in one common thought. And it will be a state of harmony, perfection.

By the way, today integral science is in the public domain, which ultimately leads a person to comprehend the universe. Throughout the long growing up of a person, this comprehension comes to people depending on their level of spiritual development: how much they are able to accept, how much they receive this information.

And further. What matters is not the type of thought, but its quality. Again, it is not the action that is meant, but the quality of the intention. That is, whether a person thinks badly or well, at what level he thinks, with what strength.

No matter how complex scientists come up with various devices to capture the power of thought, to measure it, they cannot investigate the very quality of thought. Because quality itself is intention, it does not refer to matter. It's like vectors or forces inside a computer that don't show up on a monitor. What we see on the monitor screen is the internal determinant power of the computer, dressed in matter in the form of an image.

Therefore, there is a hypothesis that we are a thought, and everything around us is also a thought. Looking at each other, we see exactly the thought. Our whole world is a thought that we perceive in its external manifestation. That is, apart from thought, there is nothing. And the matter that we observe is like the manifestation of information from computer memory and its appearance on the screen.

Matter is needed as a means to penetrate thought. When there is inclusion in thought, matter disappears. And then it turns out that this world does not exist, it is imaginary. When connected to a single thought, we all live in information that, for comparison, exists in a computer without a monitor. That is, indeed, we are attached to real reality, we find ourselves in the true world. And for this, as already mentioned, you need to become like this reality - to think creatively, to create!

So let's think kindly of each other ! After all, thoughts can be controlled, corrected. If they are brought into harmony, this will allow us to really feel the balance with the surrounding Nature. People will be in balance with the entire universe! With our kind thoughts about each other, we will protect ourselves, moreover, we will get rid of all the negativity that we ourselves create! And we will certainly be able to save ourselves from all viruses and catastrophes, wars and cataclysms. Because humanity will not need to be corrected by blows.


  1. We need to learn to always think positively, justifying our loved ones and relatives, then it will become easier for others to justify or try to understand. Everything starts with families, even a child who goes to kindergarten carries the attitudes of his family in which he grew up ...

  2. What a wonderful article! I have always believed in the power of thought! If people wanted to understand and accept this, there would be no evil in the world for a long time!!!

  3. It has long been proven that thoughts form material reality. It is a pity that people do not want to notice this and improve their lives.

  4. Obviously, having destroyed the energy with negativity, everything withers away. Plants do not grow, a person does not have the strength for creativity, and this is a slow dying, which is why support, joy, and mercy are so important. Fear is love, death is life.
    Thanks to the author!!!

  5. Great desire, great! so that humanity as a whole and everyone understands this truth, or at least touches it: “With our good thoughts about each other, we will protect ourselves, moreover, we will get rid of all the negativity that we ourselves create! And we will certainly be able to save ourselves from all viruses and catastrophes, wars and cataclysms.” Thanks to the author!

  6. Excellent article, so at first glance easy and at the same time very deep. It seems there is nothing easier to think positively, but no, bad thoughts crawl out of nowhere. It remains only to work on yourself, on your thoughts. And more than once from time to time, but constantly catching yourself in the negative in order to direct it to the positive. And yes, only together with common good thoughts to defend ourselves and change the world for good! Thank you for the article!

  7. Thought is the awareness of what I feel, this is what is inside the desire. If we knew how much we spoil our world with our thoughts, then I can’t imagine what we would do (?) ... In what physical condition we exist, how we suffer, only because of a bad head ... ..

  8. Our uncorrected desire (everything for its own sake) is superimposed on the power of Nature (Upper Light) and we see a picture of this world: pain, suffering, misfortune, disappointment. Having corrected our desire for love for our neighbor (for the good of our neighbor), we will begin to live in a world of goodness and harmony! Thanks for the updated article!

  9. Very well written. How important it is to remember that positive thinking is better for each of us.

  10. Thought is the tool of the Creator's Father! He created everything with thought, controls thought and wants us to learn this too, because we, his creations! And just as every parent wishes to see their children healthy, wise, successful, kind, the Creator also expects this from us! So we, his children, should also build our lives with kind, bright and creative thoughts about each other, and about the World, because in such a world everyone will be good, everyone will be healthy, and there will be no war, evil and violence! Let's please HIM with our bright thoughts!

  11. Energy parameters of apples? Yes, even such measurements in those years? Are you seriously? It smacks of obscurantism from the time of the development of alchemy.

    • Energy parameters are temperature, mass, electrical conductivity. During the "experiments" the temperature or mass of the apple increased three times?!?! Don't make fun of my slippers!!! The described “experiments” are from the OBS series (One woman said). Instead of facts, unsubstantiated statements and far-fetched conclusions based on them.
      Everyone will start producing good thoughts and everyone will be happy and heaven on earth!! What naivete and sugary manilovism!
      Descend to sinful earth from your castles in the air. There are millions of idiots around who are not able to produce any reasonable thoughts! NO!!!
      You deviate greatly from the norm
      If instead of words you have thought forms...

  12. Thanks to the author. The article reminded me of this experience with apples, and I also once read about it.

  13. Thank you. Interesting.
    The experiences were particularly impressive. It has long been known, for example, that even in ancient times they used the vine to search for water. Copper, aluminum or steel wire is also suitable for this. They really react to the energy of a person, space, objects.

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