Is there a science of love?


Love multiplies the best

We focus so much on love, but there is no theory among the material sciences that includes love.

Our children, grandchildren, acquaintances, all say that virtual communication helps to overcome the barriers to communication that have arisen because of the “covid. Even the geography of students learning through zooms has expanded – today you can get thousands of students in one class.

Even as we feel the heart of friends at a distance, we still remember the warmth in our hearts from physical encounters. We feel the elusive power of love in a completely different way when we are around. It is invisible, but we can’t live without it, because everything beautiful in life is built on love. This is something that Covid-19 highlighted even more vividly-we are becoming clearer that love is important to us.

Mikhail Kazinik, a famous musician and educator, says that if humanity were allowed to constantly learn everything that has been created by civilization in the arts through means of communication, it would create new neural connections in the brain of each person, it would inspire the hearts of people. There would be a connection to the power of love by great musicians, artists, and thinkers, and then all of humanity would rise in its development.

Indeed, love multiplies the best. I was lucky enough to learn about the integral method. It turned out that this science requires gradual study. It draws on centuries of continuity of knowledge, it is the only science that studies love! The technique explains that every person who transmits love receives a constant stream of love. This is confirmed by well-known examples from life, when a childless family took in a child, took care of a foster child, and then they had a child of their own. It is also known about the interaction between the embryo and the mother: if the mother is sick, the embryo produces the necessary substances for her, which save her. With this care, the fetus saves both the mother and itself. Love cannot be a narrow concern only for oneself.

Learning how to love

To understand that nature helps when there is interaction, an awareness of gratitude, is a level of soul maturation. We are given values that sooner or later we become aware of. One of them is: “Honor your father and your mother. This is where the depth of the abolition of self-love is revealed, for parents give life. And a sense of gratitude gives a person a good future, gives the power of love in the heart and the power of activity for good luck.

You can understand from this that fear is a good field for disease. And in contrast to fear – the realization of the power of love saves from all troubles, illnesses, and problems. Love cannot be controlled, its power lifts us to a level where there is no fear, no selfishness, it keeps every living thing alive.

The main thing is to learn how to give and receive care in love without calculation. Because we are all carriers of the charge of love, and if we unite in a common flow of love, then the universe will help us. Man must realize his uniqueness, that he is invincible by the power of his love! Such unity of humanity and the love power of the universe will surely save civilization. This must be learned, because it is a different kind of love, not the love of hormones, but the ability to consciously, constantly and gradually develop in ourselves a similar level of harmony of nature.

Our lives depend on the deep awareness of each person, on the understanding that we are mutually connected by one field of love, by the power of love of a vast universe that has its own laws. An important law is the law of nonviolence, i.e. of our choices. There must be a personal desire for each person to become a likeness of the power of love, which means a willingness to change.

What are we changing?

We change the focus of importance from self-love to what is important to another person, for the sake of the overall integrity of family, community, and the world. To do this, the inner observer is turned on. We can see how the power of our love does not manifest itself immediately, it is a process of soul growth. If I am not ready to change, then aggressiveness, selfishness stands as a block against the energy of love. When I understand this, even before any conversation, I work on my egoism, become softer, more pliable, more compliant. To the extent that I am willing to change, to the same extent my reaction is less aggressive. That’s what brings me up.

As soon as we act in love, immediately, as a consequence, events improve, diseases recede, and natural disasters are calmed. This is how the wheel of the universe launches love mode, cleanses the planet of the confusion of thinking, of the garbage of selfishness, and fills hearts with joy, the light of reason, the light of love. The most important thing is that I change, I calm down, I look at events in a different way.

The victory over the small and evil selfishness that plagues humanity is behind love, behind a scientific understanding of its qualities. The energy to save civilization is hidden in its all-conquering power.

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