Play and intertwined realities


“For the purposes of the nature of curbing,
In order to dispel the darkness of ignorance,
Taking a picture of the universe
And stupidly see what’s what.

(A. and B. Strugatsky “Monday Begins on Saturday”)

The Core Reality

Here some physicists have gone so far out of their way to generalize their desperate discoveries that they are beginning to argue that we all live not in one reality, but in several parallel realities. And as much as we would like to agree with these fantasists, we have to. After all, judge for yourself: our life is really flowing on a parallel course in several realities. Not even to say parallel realities, but rather intertwined realities (by the way, if the term “intertwined realities” has not yet been coined, just so you know: my copyright).

It’s not really a secret. Take art history, for example. After all, art can be seen as a separate reality. There is a history of scientific knowledge of the world, also a whole, with its own sad development, reality. There is simply the history of bipedal upright men, with their anthropology, their dope, their successes-failures, their construction-destruction. Isn’t that reality? There is the life of states from which historians weave their reality, calling it history. So why not view them all as intertwined separate realities? Each of which, understandably, believes that the others exist just for her, for her development.

But that’s not what I’m talking about. Well, I got carried away, it happens. That’s not the reality I wanted to write about.

It seems that the entire history of mankind on earth flows along the lines of the need for the meaning of life. In line with the development of this need. It is, after all, a need that grows stronger and stronger the further you go. Started from meaningless “just living” – and go, and go….

So, the development of this need is like an inner core that is braided on the outside by those intertwined realities. Humans, cognition, art. States again (what an image, eh?! The core reality! Eh, it’s a pity they don’t give copyrights on the images…) ….

Yes, well, it is this, this core, that is the reality that defines it. Thanks to it, all new forms of life and creativity emerge in the realities that braid it.

Then new generations come along, and all these “new” forms are ruthlessly in the trash. Well, or, say, in a museum, in an archive.

What are they doing to them? And those no longer satisfy their need for the meaning of life. From somewhere inside, from that core, a dead cold reeked, and it was necessary to hurry, to change, to develop my reality, to make it warmer, even warmer from the heat of the inner meaning.

Who will give the sense?

Yes, well, and another topic, but close to the above. I promise. Attention deficit and hyperreactivity disorder. ADHD.

Read the “corpus delicti” – what kind of cases these poor kids get, for life! There’s a whole list: “impulsive,” “restless,” “unable to listen to instructions to the end.” …. They wrote – and went into life with an article already prepared.

But not a word about the fact that all this happens because he does not understand the meaning – why do we need this geography or the same instruction at all. WHY this needs to be taught. WHY it needs to be done.

Because of that inner, pivotal reality manifested in the new generations in an increasingly urgent need to understand: why do we need what is happening? What is required of them? – It seems that the little person is not able to perceive, cannot remember, and so on.

But realities, as said, are intertwined. And maybe even find some organic or genetic basis for these “problems” in some of them.

They will declare victory, blow fanfares, treat chemically and genetically engineer. To sit straight and listen to instructions until the end.

And in fact, more and more of these people are being born, people who increasingly need meaning in what they do in order to function properly. That is, let us be clear – vitally necessary. Who’s going to give it to them?

The game

So, and… Okay, one more topic. Honestly – just one.

So that’s why play-based learning is so good for these, condemned to nonsense and hard to learn? Because the game creates a different reality for its participants. In which no one judges you harshly or scolds you – you’re playing, after all.

And suddenly! – you find that in each of these game realities what you could never have learned is necessary. I couldn’t, because I didn’t understand what they were for. And it suddenly turns out to be necessary, this knowledge! Geography, Mathematics, Or Anything….

And if we need it, it makes sense! And this knowledge is not only quickly grasped, but also assimilated.

Yeah, so, what are we talking about? Ah, about the game….

Amazing things are done by the game played by the inner, growing need for the meaning of existence, with us living in the realities that braid it on the outside.

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