How to achieve peace in Israel?


Today it is clear to everyone that peace is not expected in Israel. This is the reality: the country is divided into camps, and everyone has only a part of the truth. Israel holds the Palestinians by force of arms. This is a temporary solution. The world is still stronger, and when it really wants to, it will expel the Jews, as it has done more than once.

Will it be possible to appease the world with “peace agreements” with enemies and concessions to terrorists? By doing this, the Israelis will finally untie their hands and still remain to blame for everything. When the Israelis ask, "Why now?" they will be told, "Your very presence here destabilizes the situation." Such a strategy leads to the dismantling of Israel.

The Foundations of the People of Israel

Laying the foundations of the people of Israel, Abraham taught his followers that true peace requires the rapprochement of hearts, striving with one intention towards a common lofty goal. Without this, neither the army, nor the ideology, nor the faith will help Israel.

The strength of the Jews has always been hidden in the hearts that merge into one common heart. In this they are fundamentally different from other peoples. Others can live as their nature, their character tells them - but the Jews cannot live without unity. After all, they are collected "from the world by thread" - from all the tribes of the ancient Oikumene. And at the heart of the people, the principle of mutual return, the same “love for neighbors”, was originally laid down.

Today it's the other way around. The Israelis are ready to fight with anyone, to sell themselves to anyone, to pray as much as they want - just so as not to touch, not to disturb their egoism, which has been fooling them for thousands of years. He is their main enemy. He does not allow them to come to peace - first of all to peace among themselves, and then with all mankind. He divides and dominates, he sets them against each other and uses, replicates mutual hatred to set the world on them.

But they stubbornly turn away from the truth, preferring to it the treacherous illusion of being right. Oh, this rightness of the blind going to the slaughter! It has always led the Jews into the bloody dead ends of history. “There is no peace for the wicked,” it was said thousands of years ago. No matter how much the Jews fight with external enemies, in the end they still have to fight with an internal enemy, with mutual rejection, with selfishness hiding under the covers of ideologies, sanity, faith, indifference ... He is to blame for everything. They need not victory over the world, but victory over themselves.

The problem with the Jewish people is that they do not see their roots. As a result, striving for peace and well-being, he is looking in the wrong place. And the true strategy for achieving peace is unity. It will make up for all the flaws, raise the Jews above the strife and allow them to become a “light for the peoples” - an example of good human relations.

Then they no longer have to wage war on external fronts - it will be enough to focus on the internal front, on unity over discord. Until then, they are aliens for everyone, an alien element in the human body, constantly causing the production of antibodies. And until they take on their original function of peacekeepers, they will not find peace anywhere.

Rise to the world

The obvious thing: if one small nation has so many enemies for thousands of years, then something is wrong with it. But what? In an attempt to fill this gap, historians provide explanations for specific situations, but all their explanations are flawed, because in opposite situations the Jews were hated no less.

One thing is certain: they are not like everyone else. Something special, inextinguishable, incomprehensible even to themselves is rooted in them. The historical path of the Jews would be considered impossible if it remained only a prophecy. So impossible to live, so impossible to survive.

Thousands of years of desperate struggle for unity, for their spiritual heritage, then defeat and thousands of years of exile in isolation from the foundations . During this time, the Jews managed to withdraw into the stiffened traditions to the point of complete unconsciousness and at the same time break out into the world and take the first roles in it. Through the continuous flow of anti-Semitism , they made their way into modernity and got their chance for revival.

What is wrong with them? What is their role? What fate do they reject? Without understanding this, the Israelis will achieve nothing. And to answer it, you need to open your eyes and heart. After all, the answer will not fit in the clip perception. It comes from the root of the universe. It is universal and addressed to everyone.

The world has a development vector. Nature created man and leads him to perfection from opposite states. As the fruit is at first bitter and miserable, so the man is at first selfish and insignificant in his selfishness.

Everything is correct. That's the way it should be. Only from hatred can one come to love, from self-enjoyment to bestowal, from mutual rejection to mutual fulfillment. First you need to feel one side, one pole - so that later on, in the contrast of darkness and light, in the struggle, you begin to rise to perfection, to the unity of opposites. Only together, when we reveal them in ourselves and rise above them, do they form a single whole, into a common field of love and bestowal.

The Authentic Strategy of the People of Israel

The people of Israel absorbed the roots of the peoples of the world, and it is he who is able to correctly combine them in himself for the benefit of all. The union of opposites, the rise above a one-sided lie to a full-fledged truth, to the world - this is just them. After all, they are involved in the explosion of contradictions that happened in the time of Nimrod , when hatred triumphed in people and caused the expansion of the ancient civilization from the Babylonian cradle. It was then that Abraham gathered his disciples and explained to them how to make up for hatred with positive, rising to a higher level, where the world of opposites reigns.

Abraham's group called themselves "Israel" which means "straight up" to unity. So a parallel path of development was set, so that in another era among them, the descendants of that group, this technique would be realized in its modern form and serve everyone.

Israel is not just a people, it is the support and hope of a world that is already globalized, but does not know how to live in conditions of universal interconnection. If the people of Israel are not ready for their role, then hope turns into hopelessness, into a curse. And for this they are hated, no matter what they do and what they say.

In addition to tactics, Israel needs an effective strategy - and it has one. He can change everything for the better. It can already today begin the methodical, systematic, planned improvement of society, the unity of people not under ideological and political principles, which in fact only divide and weaken, but under a common intention, lofty and undeniable enough to embrace everyone.

This change in vector will be decisive. By removing the hatred in itself, Israel will remove the cause of the world's hatred. As he rises to unity, he will call others to follow him, and they will respond differently to this. After all, this is exactly what everyone needs - an example of joint problem solving not to the detriment of each other.

This is the original, authentic strategy of the people of Israel. Only by her is he strong, only with her is he a people. Only in her will he find peace.


  1. This article is a real cry from the depths of the centuries-old suffering of the Jewish people, it's time for us to remember the forgotten law of life - the unity of hearts!

  2. A very correct article! How I would like all Jews, at least Israelis, to feel each other, as beloved relatives, without expecting any wars and disasters! Spaniards, gypsies, dancing flamenco begin to feel each other so much that they become one family, they sing, opening they share their soul, their troubles or joys with others and physically begin to feel the dancer. And Jews by nature can even spiritually feel others and you just need to want to unite and really want ...

  3. When there is a quarrel and discord in the family, one must ask the question: what is more important, to be right or to keep peace in the house? This is a topical issue for the people of Israel!

  4. It is surprising that only one single logical thought about unity does not reach this talented people in everything.
    "The Jews will get out" - say the Jews

  5. We do not realize that we are in the center of attention of the whole world. But it is said that according to the plan of creation, the peoples of the world should unite around us, and with us. The only problem is that we do not attract them, do not become an example of the unity of the world. The desire to unite, into a single community - that's what we need to show to almost the whole world!

  6. So, it’s beneficial for someone to make a war from laundering money, and the inhabitants of this country suffer and run who where and whose eyes are looking. The war will stop when someone is eating and stop this war, they will stop proving their bad intentions to each other. no need. Everyone wants to live well without fights, warriors. It all depends on people who put them above who are in power, but people below them suffer for their ideas. Now, if someone doesn’t like the country, you can leave it and leave.

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