The whole world is theater. Performance in 5 acts

The whole world is a theater

Did you know that every story - a fairy tale, a novel, a movie script or a commercial - consists of the same set of components? This is the formula by which any plot moves. Even the plot of your own life! Want to know what her secret is? Draw your own conclusions.

Once, 2 thousand years ago, the same Aristotle noticed a 3-step logical system, according to which everything in this world develops. A little later, playwrights expanded it to 5 acts, and from now on, all writers and screenwriters use this template to write another well-selling story. Let's check?

Now think about any book, series or your personal adventure. And in order not to go far, you can trace the history in which we are all now. Let's call it the Pandemic of the 21st century. So. The curtain opens.

Act 1. Beginning

The hero lives in his wonderful world and does what he loves, the passion of his life. It doesn't have to be work, it could be something personal.

The hero has plans, ambitions, a desire to succeed. The birds are singing, he is full of enthusiasm. At the same time, the hero is imperfect - in some places, on the way to success, he, as they say, goes too far. Mostly towards other people.

Act 2. Ba-bah!

The hero is deprived of what he loves the most. A certain will of chance is introduced, an unexpected turn of events, which the hero could not have foreseen. The hero is shocked and begins to suffer. Following this, the colors thicken. The world is becoming even more unfair, life is turning into a depressive jungle, and that same stick is now hitting the other end right on the head. There is a lot of misunderstanding and disappointment all around.

Act 3. Crossroads

The hero still wants to improve his life and return everything to its place. So you put him in front of a choice:

- go on a good path (accept everything as it is, act like a Buddha who has comprehended the truth, and try to use the situation wisely),

- to follow a dangerous, unreasonable or wrong, from the point of view of the same moral and ethical principles, path (to be a little villain in order to quickly return everything back; again - mainly in relation to other people).

The most interesting thing about this act is that if you choose the first path for the hero, the story will end. So, you choose the "dark" path.

Act 4. Experience

Having embarked on a dangerous path , the hero plunges into history over and over again. This is a chain of events during which the hero gets bogged down in problems to the very top.

And this is the main scene of our history.

Act 5. Let's call it "Catharsis"

Entangled in his own deeds, the hero begins to think: it is better to act together with someone. Here you reconcile him with someone, add to him those same brains from the missed bright path, soften his heart. And in general, it comes to the hero that the most important priorities in life are the well-being of everyone, and not just him. Therefore, he begins to actively agitate other characters to rally.

So, all the heroes of the novel begin to act together, and everything becomes good. The world is saved, the birds are singing again, friends are holding hands, and the main figure of the drama understands how fucking wonderful it is when we are all together! A curtain.


Funny, right? Our whole life is calculated in advance by the same 5-act system. But, if you take a closer look at where the legs grow from, this is how the legs grow from the very moment when we choose a dark path. Yes, of course, we do not know how otherwise, and it is our instinct to think about ourselves first of all.

But listen. Both paths lead to a bright future, at the end of which we all understand that the most important thing in life is the connection between us, love, friendship, peace, a strong shoulder.

Perhaps it's time for us to learn to be smarter and come to this end in a good way? No suffering or loss. And even if it seems to us that it will be uninteresting to live like this, - oh! - what could be more interesting, more difficult and more important in life than to come to a good relationship between us?

Perhaps we will learn to rewrite our stories. And they can look different.


  1. You can feel the hand of an experienced marketer: there will definitely be a buyer for a ready-made algorithm for any life scenario. If you try it on what the TV screen is full of, it's one to one. However, the buyer is waiting for a conclusion that contradicts his nature: to think about his situation in order to use it for the benefit of himself and others. We will study this. Thanks, Olya.

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