25 vaccine doses for Africa


Recently, the head of WHO, Tedros Ghebreyesus, said that the world is on the verge of a “moral failure” due to a pandemic. He warned that this could exacerbate inequalities in the world.

The inequalities that have become the norm in our lives are being confirmed before our eyes due to the unfair distribution of vaccines. 39 million doses of vaccines have been distributed to high-income countries and only 25 doses (not 25,000, not 25 million) have reached low-income countries. The head of WHO noted that some countries are making deals, violating equal access to vaccines for all segments of the population, raising prices and trying to "get to the front of the line."

But what does the WHO do? State a fact? Why doesn't she deal with the fair distribution of vaccines?

Sumiya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist at WHO, noted that " if herd immunity appears in several countries, it still will not protect the entire population of the Earth."

Collective immunity is when there is a collective. Herd immunity will not come at the level of a fragmented, hate-filled world, but when the world becomes one family, when there is a revolution in heart and mind. When people go for rapprochement, and not vice versa. It is possible to destroy the virus only from a higher level, moving towards the balance of human relationships, thinking and expressing concern for others.

At every moment of time, we want to receive maximum pleasure, and even better, if at the expense of others. Our whole selfish nature is a virus. Flora and fauna are in the power of man and only in this way manifest themselves.

We live in a world of thoughts. Thought is action. Therefore, allowing unkind thoughts to go out of himself and believing that it is not terrible, a person acts to the detriment and thereby determines what happens in reality. Every person in the world will have to test himself and find out what influence comes out of him in the direction of others. This will require deep inner work and a lot of effort from everyone.

A person must change the direction of thoughts about others from negative to positive. And then, in this positive attitude towards the other, he will feel an additional force of nature, which he did not feel before.

By changing our thoughts from negative to positive, we will save ourselves from the coronavirus and save the whole world from the epidemic and other problems. After all, by doing this we bring ourselves into line with nature, so that all its levels - inanimate, vegetative, animal and human - are in harmony, in good thoughts, mutually complementing each other.

Good luck to us!


  1. Yes, nothing will help this world except unity and love for one's neighbor! No vaccines will save the world!

  2. Surely, the WHO calculated how many people would die in Africa without vaccination and how many would survive from the coronavirus, and therefore allocated only 25 doses for the presidents of those countries ... It would be funny if it were not so sad ....

  3. The virus mutates. If we become one force and unite around the Creator, the virus will go away. It is not yet known what side effects will come from the vaccine.

  4. Only the right connection between people will help to overcome all viruses, problems associated with diseases. Thank you for the article !

  5. No matter how much you say: “All our egoistic nature is a virus” - we don’t understand…. Awareness comes with experience, but it is a pity that we do not heed the advice of the sages, who not only foresaw our common problems and crises, but also the way out of them...

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