2021: when a fairy tale becomes a reality


On the eve of the New Year, many summed up: what to leave, what not to return to, what to take with you into the new year. In almost all media and social networks, different people repeated that they hate 2020 and want to forget all the memories associated with it…

I sat thinking: why do we hate 2020 so much, what is the real reason for ... not grief, longing, but hatred?

My thoughts were interrupted by a call. The editor of the popular TV show on Pervy called with a question: “Do you have any friends who can say:“ Thank you, covid! ” We want to make a final broadcast of the year and show that 2020 has brought us a lot of good things. Do we need stories that will show how covid has turned the usual everyday life of people, opening the door to a new life? But it must be a fairy tale!”

I asked: “Are there any examples already?” To which the passionate answer followed: “Yes! Someone during the quarantine saved up money and took helicopter control courses. Someone opened a new business, to which their hands did not reach - a winery. Someone actively began to write and received the Goodness Prize.

I listened and wondered if there are people I know who have had a fairy tale, a result that they would like to share with others. And there were a lot of them.

Everything clears up in thought

Многие, кто прошел тяжелую форму ковид, кому пророчили 15% выживания от “короны”, пришел к главному для себя выводу: главное — это жизнь других людей, важно уберечь их от болезни. Безопасность других важнее собственной жизни.

Others, relentless extroverts, locked in four walls, have discovered that the real connection is not in the number of events, but in the intention with which you address everyone. And if you start thinking badly about someone, your throat immediately starts to burn and your cough chokes.

Still others, having been in a long-term quarrel, reconciled, realizing that they assessed each other incorrectly, judged evil for no reason, thought only of themselves. And most importantly, their partner always showed only a good example.

Someone's father with a severe lung injury never sat down to rest, never expressed a single complaint and did everything so that a family of 7 could quickly get back on their feet after an illness. So great was his responsibility for others.

And the more I talked with my acquaintances and those from whom I wanted to find a “fairy tale”, the more I came to the conclusion that the hatred that we feel for 2020 is most likely based on the inconsistency of the desired and the rejection of what life presented. And hatred always leads to a bad end.

2021 - striped flight

Ray Dalio (Bridgewater) wrote: "Which do you care more about, what results you have achieved, or how fast you learn?" . The same question is asked by 2021 to each of us.

I think that we meet him with the right answer, and we are ready for new lessons.

We live in the conditions of the third lockdown, the growth of cases is high. People, on the one hand, want to protect themselves and their loved ones, and on the other hand, they have grown a very great, inner desire to get close to others, despite the danger.
It is as if a person declares with his aspiration: “I am ready to die, if only to be united with others. I do not want to move away from them, even at the cost of my own health.

This is a paradox. This is not like the old boyishness, when we wanted bread and circuses, and we ran at all costs to the sea, to demonstrations and to pubs. Today everyone can get their portion of bread and circuses at home and eat it quietly in their corner. You can turn on the TV and watch your favorite shows or immerse yourself in the virtual space. But all this no longer works.

Where did we get the irresistible desire to be together, to sit, embracing? Why are we so friendly all of a sudden? Yesterday we hated each other, but today we want to hug?

2020: tips and cuffs

In 2020, life divided society into those who had been ill with covid and those who had not been affected by the virus. The first ones seemed to have gone through a flashing and said that it was important to think first of all about others and follow all the instructions, as this would protect loved ones, relatives and just strangers. The second category did not seem to understand this language and insisted that all this was fiction.

But the past year has worked hard on us. While we were worried that we were losing our job, looking for another one, we could not go / fly where we planned, buy what we wanted, 2020 turned us inside out, showing that, first of all, we cannot run away and hide from ourselves: there is nowhere and no need.

Therefore, standing on the threshold of 2021, many feel that it is necessary to be together in a new way, sincerely, that they are not ready to move away from each other, but on the contrary, they are obliged to get closer, that heart closeness with each other is important to them, and therefore they are ready for it. pay.

New currency of life

We, like in Harry Potter, went through platform 9 and ¾ and, unexpectedly finding ourselves in a new reality, we already understand that the payment will not be money. Only a new currency will be valid - to live in such a way that our proximity is for the benefit of everyone.

Today, an understanding is coming (at first glance, a utopian, but on the other hand, a realistic idea) that if everyone thinks well of others, we will have the opportunity to get closer to each other, we will be able to open restaurants, entertainment venues, be together everywhere.

Для этого необходимо главное – доброе отношение друг к другу. И тогда можно будет снять все ограничения, да и вообще снести все стены, которые мы воздвигли между нами в нашей жизни.

If each takes care of the welfare of the other, then there will be no need for restrictions. A truly collective immunity will be created and the virus will not pass through the security wall that we ourselves will create.

After all, the virus passes only where there are gaps, when everyone is guided by the principle "everything for yourself at the expense of others." It is there that a place is formed where the virus is transmitted from one to another.

When the fairy tale becomes reality

In 2020, nature revealed two opposites:

– с одной стороны, нам нельзя приближаться к другим;
– с другой стороны, мы очень хотим приблизиться и обходим все границы, препятствующие соединению.

As a hypothesis, I would like to say that the new year will be very interesting. We will see two opposites in action:

Do you want to disconnect from each other? - Switch off.

No, we want to connect. - Then connect.

"But it's dangerous!" - So switch off.

- No…

We will be in search of a solution, between plus and minus, until we find a middle ground.

The golden mean, or middle line, in our behavior is when we use forces that repel others and attract each other only for the sake of rapprochement. In this connection will be our future life, and it will also fill all our voids.

2021 will be a good year: interesting, full of feelings, revelations and clarifications! We will all come to the conclusion that it is worth not erasing 2020, but drawing the right conclusions. Then we will know how to live in 2021.

And everyone will be able to say: “2020 gave me a miracle in my life!”


  1. Очень обнадеживающая статья, как пишет автор – все от нас зависит, каким будет этот год. Будем заботиться о других, создадим коллективный иммунитет, стену, через которую не один вирус не проникнет в наш общий дом.

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