Puzzle of our life


I remember my mother making me do puzzles as a child. Small ones to develop motor skills of the hands. Couldn't stand them.

I so wanted to put together a beautiful picture, but how infuriated these pieces that did not want to add up! After a lot of attempts, in the end I drove them between each other by force, and sometimes even cut off these protruding parts. Well, to quickly put them together. You yourself understand what kind of "beauty" was obtained at the exit - holes and tubercles.

It turns out interesting that in our life and in relationships we also collect such puzzles. Every day. In family, in friendship, at work. We strive to quickly get a beautiful and complete picture, the one we dream of. But we're constantly getting in the way of those stupid crooked edges.

Children do not live up to our expectations. The husband does not give gifts. Wife saws the brain. The guy is not going to plan a joint future. Everyone at work is dumb. Someone on the bus is laughing too loudly. On the road, the jerk slows down at a green light. Liberals again climb with their amendments to the constitution. They built restaurants here under the house, there is nothing to breathe. And in general - Lord, what did she think of herself ?!

How different we are! With all its bulges and disagreements. At the same time, we all sincerely want to live well and happily. And most importantly, together. Together it's good. So our inner instinct tells us.

But here's just how to do it "together"?

We are trying to pacify ourselves and our views - we do not hold on for long, our opinion sooner or later comes out. We are trying to cut all the corners and trim everyone under one ruler - it doesn’t work either, we passed. We are learning to abstract from everyone and everyone, but, you see, this also does not work out, so that for sure and for good.

So what to do? The picture still has to be folded somehow.

And here's what's interesting.

We cannot remove our differences, because they are given to us by nature (we are all even outwardly dissimilar). Equally, as well as shrinking yourself so much as to become some kind of same-sex, single-celled, identical - this is also unnatural.

It turns out that we are constantly rubbing these corners against each other, building up eternal discontent, conflicts, partings, dismissals and days of complete “ignorance” behind our backs.

But in all this mess, we forget one simple rule of puzzles: all the pieces are created and cut so that they can fit perfectly together. And not the way we want it, but the way the author originally intended.

Each piece has a unique power - the ability to accept another piece next to it. Allow him to be with you. I leave my corner and do not put it anywhere, but at the same time, on the other hand, I let the other corner stick next to it.

Beautiful, right?

And now to life. In a couple, in a family, in a work team, in a home circle, in line at the checkout, I give the other person the opportunity to coexist next to me. I accept his difference and at least a little inwardly say to myself: he has every right to be himself, to be what he is, with all his oddities.

Is it easy? No. Of course, it's not easy. But is it possible? Absolutely.

Imagine how much easier life would be for all of us if we could take this third path and learn to coexist with each other . And all over the world at the same time.


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  1. It turns out very interesting if you consider your whole life as a big game, where each of us is a puzzle that is necessary for society, and my opinion is important as well as someone else's opinion, I make pictures, go through this level and move on to the next.)

  2. Нажала “нравится” и подумала, да, очень нравится. Это было бы очень здорово. Но человек не картонный квадратик с вырезами. У человека миллионы, а может, и миллиарды неровностей и шероховатостей в характере. Как ему соединиться с другими? Наверное, тут необходимо большое желание получить это огромное счастье слияния с человечеством.

  3. Прекрасная мысль: “… я даю возможность другому человеку сосуществовать рядом с собой”, то есть думаю о том, чтобы не причинить ему зла. И он имеет право на свою точку зрения. Если мы сможем идти на уступки друг другу, то сможем составить прекрасный пазл нашей жизни.

  4. Автор пишет, что все “кусочки созданы и порезаны так, чтобы они могли идеально друг другу подойти” в пазле. Значит, важно найти свое место в этом пазле и не пытаться подрезать тех, кто рядом с тобой? А ведь хочется иногда. Но тогда не получится целостной гармоничной картинки мира, то есть своим действием ты все испортишь. Стоит подумать и научиться принимать людей, которые рядом с тобой в этом пазле жизни, такими, какие они есть. Ведь мы все взаимодополняем друг друга.

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