Why should people learn to connect?

learn relationships

Have you already noticed that there are countries and places where trouble does not come alone? In all events in the world there is a certain pattern. And, if you thoughtfully observe their development, this pattern can be tracked very easily.

For example, after the riots, the increase in the number of cases of the “corona” and the shooting in shopping centers, wildfires have approached Massachusetts. Israel "did not sit through" quarantine and immediately received mass protests and unemployment. After a 20,000-strong demonstration in Paris, France has earned its biggest economic downturn since World War II and a pandemic update. This list can be continued for a very long time. I am sure that what is happening now in Belarus may also have its problematic and acute continuation.

All problems in the bud begin with the inability of people to resist them. Like in a game: when the difficulty level increases and you need to make some upgrade in order not to die, but to go to the next stage. We are trying to do this upgrade, to get new skills by finding a vaccine, developing technologies, restructuring the economy, changing the constitution, and so on. We have been doing this for hundreds of years. But, judging by how events in the world are heating up, these skills cannot help us move to the next level. We try, but we "die" every time.

Therefore, a logical question arises: what should this new skill be? What must we ultimately learn to deal with the crises that are snowballing at us at breakneck speed?

Let's go back to our inability to solve problems. What is its root? If you turn to the news in the world, you can very easily notice one simple detail - we do not know how to act together. Left and right, masses and authorities, women and men, owners and workers - all are boundlessly and critically disunited. Everyone defends their interests, not noticing how they start a negative chain reaction with their actions. We differ so much in our positions and opinions that we literally do not hear each other, we cannot yield to another, we cannot find a point of connection between ourselves. We simply do not know how to do it either at home, or at work, or in the country.

But take a close look at your surroundings. You will see: happy families, close-knit work teams and strong friendships are not afraid of problems for one simple reason - people are confident in each other. They know how to act among themselves when they are able to stick together, no matter what. And although inside they are all very different, sometimes with absolutely non-overlapping views, the greatest value for them is precisely the connection between them. Therefore, based on love or good relationships, they are always looking for a solution from which everyone would benefit. Is not it?

Humanity is at a turning point right now. When old decisions are left behind, we are forced to look for new ways to survive. As Einstein said: "It's just crazy to do the same thing and expect different results."

We are on the verge of discovering a new tool that will help us streamline all processes. And the most interesting thing is that it lies just on the surface - we must learn how to properly use our relationships. We must act on the basis of one goal - that everyone be satisfied and happy . And this is possible only in one case - if we, in simple terms, begin to treat each other well and kindly.

This is worth learning. Or wait for news.


  1. If we think about how to build the right relationships and take care of each other, then it will be easier for us to overcome any difficulties and fear of the unknown.

  2. The most painful aspects of life are touched. They gave a lesson from above, but those who do not understand why, they give an additional lesson. And so they will go blow after blow until humanity understands what they want from it.

  3. We are so different in our positions and opinions that we literally do not hear each other, this does not mean that we need to revel in our independence .... Why, yes, because we simply do not have it and never had it ... We cannot give in to another, we do not know how to find each other point of connection, that's right, we don't need to be in a relationship with anyone, selfishness doesn't recognize anyone. We simply do not know how to do it either at home, or at work, or in the country, we do not want to be able to or do something in this direction, we are separated, our nature is not going to be different ... What is the conclusion? I think we need to listen to the sages who say, we must learn to manage our individuality. BY ITS NATURE FOR THE GOOD OF THE WHOLE COMMUNITY….

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