Wait: a new wave of coronavirus in the world

coronavirus wave

New outbreaks of coronavirus infection continue to emerge in Europe. The largest increase in confirmed cases was recorded in Spain and France.

The number of deaths has also increased in Spain. Spanish parents are in favor of learning at home, hoping for self-study with family or tutors.

In Denmark, due to a sharp increase in the number of infected among students, the leadership of one of the central universities was forced to send more than 1,000 students to quarantine. A mobile laboratory for testing for coronavirus has been deployed on the territory adjacent to the university.

Borders have been closed in Hungary since September 1. In addition to transit traffic and travelers, only citizens of Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland are allowed to enter , provided they have negative results for coronavirus with them no later than five days ago.

In London, sidewalks are being widened at the expense of the carriageway so that pedestrians keep a safe distance from each other. In Britain, record the highest increase in cases in the last four months.

The World Health Organization believes that it will not be possible to stop the pandemic through vaccination until the middle of next year.

What's going on again?

From a medical point of view, the emergence of a new outbreak of coronavirus can be considered reasonable. This is seasonality, the relaxation of people when there are no vaccines and an affordable method of treatment, the cyclical manifestation of a virus hitherto unknown to us. In this regard, you can only rely on scientists and doctors and wait for the weather by the sea.

But in anticipation of vaccines and other effective measures to combat the virus, each of us can just think about what is special about this virus. What is in it that has never been before in the history of mankind? There were epidemics, and pandemics, and there was a wholesale pestilence. But there is something very different about the current pandemic. So what is it? Guessed? Of course, this is the territorial coverage of distribution. This virus has become a common problem for the entire population of the planet. And it is already becoming clear that until it becomes a headache for every person, it will not recede, will not disappear.

Familiar rake

Another question arises: what if we again follow the same scenario as in the first outbreak? What will be the result? It is known which. The economies of the countries have not yet recovered from the first wave in order to again provide everyone with self-isolation at home and pay everyone an allowance for safe living and subsistence.

Accordingly, with all our desire to survive the wave according to the old scenario, there will no longer be anything similar to the previous one. The bulk of the business will again be idle and fail. The period is approaching when everyone will be for himself, up to the physical elimination of each other. We have already observed the mass devastation of grocery stores, raids and looting, marches and demonstrations of people's discontent. What will happen now? What are we approaching?

COVID-19 has also shown that with our movement and communication activity, it cannot appear locally. It immediately covers the whole world, and we already understood this from the experience of the first wave. The world has become so integral, mutually inclusive and interdependent of each other that an outbreak in one locality threatens an outbreak throughout the world. And the closure of borders, the isolation of states and their inhabitants from each other can lead the world to a global collapse, which means decline and destruction. And in the future, perhaps, to the death of all one by one.

At the fork in the road

It can be assumed that one day we will get used to the coronavirus, and he to us, and so we can survive. We can hope for a vaccine. One can be indifferent to everything that happens in accordance with the remark of the French king Louis XV: "After us - even a flood." You can scream and panic, riot and arrange new demonstrations. Which path will we take?

Hoping that the coronavirus will disappear on its own just as it appeared is unjustified madness, given that it is constantly mutating. Relying only on a vaccine is also unsafe. Under normal, non-critical conditions, any new pharmacological drug undergoes approbation for at least 20 years, and 50 years of clinical trials are required for a qualitative study. It is important to know the symptoms of possible side effects not only for the duration of the drug, but also after several years of a person's life. And given the unstable behavior of the virus and its tendency to mutate, it is impossible to rely on any drug "in haste": even a vaccine, even a medicine.

The virus will not allow us to remain indifferent to everything that happens. It can penetrate deeper and more terribly than we might expect, until absolutely every person feels its danger. And behind squabbles with the government, rallies and processions, you can simply lose time and achieve nothing.

Reliable and safe way

It is becoming clear that the coronavirus is pushing us towards the same thoughts, experiences, behaviors, feelings and relationships. The nature of the coronavirus is biological, i.e. he emerged from nature itself, where there is nothing superfluous, unreasonable, illogical and harmful.

And since there is such pressure from nature that pushes us to a common identical state, regardless of our material capabilities and status in society, it means that there is a need to unite, to establish communication between everyone and everyone. Unite without distinctions and divisions on any grounds.

Humanity can sink to the level of an animal to start killing each other for food, for medicine, for a place in a hospital, or for something else. But, fortunately, there is no reverse development in the natural evolution. Therefore, the virus will push us to various extreme antics in behavior until we awaken empathy for each other, compassion, love and sincere wishes for well-being. In a word, there is a transition of material human values to spiritual values.

Therefore, there is the only safe and correct way for everyone - the unification of people at all levels. We need to unite, understand each other and enter into good negotiations with each other, where the opinion of others will be more important than my opinion. More important than my interests are the interests of others. If each side of the negotiations approaches with this intention, there will be no troubles and problems in the world.

We are all a single system, where there is not, and cannot be, only one element in trouble. Whoever has a problem is the problem of everyone, of all mankind. When we think badly of each other , there is a disconnect in the system. And where there is a break in our connections, viruses appear, as if from cracks. And now, friends, the decision will be for each person individually.


  1. Мы все – единая система под названием “человечество”. Поэтому и беда у нас на всех одна. Справиться с ней мы можем опять таки только вместе. Как пишет автор, если в связях между нами возникает разрыв, то в этом месте как из трещины появляются вирусы. Давайте покрывать эти трещины добрым отношением друг к другу.

  2. У нас есть выбор – озлобиться и опуститься до животного уровня или объединиться, чтобы поддерживать и помогать друг другу. Тогда мы сможем уравновесить все злые силы природы добрыми.

  3. Yes, care and worries about each other cure many illnesses and sufferings. This is lacking for many people these days. This must be learned.

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