What is the government most afraid of?


It’s not enough for us to have a pandemic that we can’t deal with, so a new problem has fallen on our heads. The conflict between those in power and the people under this power is gradually spreading over the countries. This is also a kind of disease, an epidemic.

There is an opinion that the change of power will lead to an improvement in the situation of the people - both economic and social. The people have always craved and craves justice, and in this they are absolutely right. The only thing that can be regretted is that the people are ruled by emotions, and not by understanding the laws of Nature.

Yes, our world is far from perfect, and we could live in it much better and without conflicts. Could, but who's stopping you? Rulers? Fraudsters? Corruptionists? Now, if honest, incorruptible people were brought to power, then everything would change?

There is reason to believe that a violent change of power, apart from victims, bloodshed and aggravation of hostility within the country, will not change anything. Man is completely subordinate to Nature in regard to the structure of the society in which he is located. And it occupies in this society that step, which is prepared for it according to the properties and development program.

The development of man means the development of his desires. From the basic desires inherent in everyone: food, sleep, sex, family, entertainment. And to desires that indicate the degree of human development: the desire for wealth, honor and glory, knowledge, and power.

And everything would be fine, but the problem is that our desires are inherently selfish. And the higher a person climbs the social ladder, the more selfish his desires are. Therefore, only those who are ready to crush anyone in order to achieve their goal are capable of breaking through to power. But in order to break through to the top, he must enlist the support of his inner circle.

Well, we always choose the closest environment according to our properties, inclinations and desires. For this reason, the future leader is initially bound by obligations to the same egoists striving for power and wealth. And all the slogans and promises to lay down one's life for the good of the country and the people belong to the art of manipulating public opinion. The task of retaining power and fulfilling obligations to his associates comes to the fore.

And in our time, when egoism, in general, has developed to the final stage, the imposition of dictatorship is gradually becoming the norm. Where in the open, and where with the help of a skillful election company. After all, dictatorship is the best way to stay at the top of power. And, naturally, the question arises - is there a way out of this vicious circle?

By pursuing the goal of achieving justice and freedom through a change of ruler, we can come to temporary success. And then selfishness will take its toll and again everything will return to normal. Meanwhile, the solution is prompted by Nature itself. In nature, not individual individuals or elements have the right to exist, but systems that are formed as a result of their combination.

If the people want to achieve freedom and prosperity, then they need to strive for unification, setting this as the highest goal. By the way, the unity of the people is what the authorities are most afraid of. After all, a united people cannot be deceived by promises and it is impossible to manipulate its opinion. A single people is an integral formation, which is supported by the forces of Nature.

And any candidate will have no choice but to really enlist the support of his people and work for their benefit. And if he goes on about his egoism , then neither the army nor the police will help him - after all, they will also be part of a single people.

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