Man is a single system


There are areas in science where there are more paradoxes and contradictions than theories and hypotheses. A person is studied from different angles - biology, psychology, sociology. There are many more areas that describe his activities - history, politics, religion, economics. Each science reveals certain laws, principles of interaction. But sometimes, behind the multitude and variety of these laws, the main thing, the simplest and most fundamental, is lost.

For example, until now, scientists have not agreed on a single, generally accepted definition of life. Or where did the universe come from? Does it have a purpose or is it just a bunch of coincidences? What is the nature of man, what is his inner "I"?

The basic law of nature, which, unfortunately, is not studied separately, is the law of universal interconnection, mutual inclusion. What are we talking about?

Every element in nature that we observe on a daily basis does not exist on its own. Each element, be it a mosquito, a virus or a continent, did not arise on its own, but as a result of the interaction of other elements, under the influence of the sum of certain forces.

In other words, the totality of actions of individual types and certain conditions generates a new type or element. At the same time, nature, creating something new, constantly strives for harmony. Each next species should complement this harmony at a new level.

But with regard to a person, everything seems to have gotten out of control - he violates harmony.

In 1975, the famous mathematician Benoit Maldenbrot published the book Fractal Geometry of Nature , in which he described the harmony of nature from a mathematical point of view. The law of similarity, self-similarity is present in every living organism - either explicitly in the structure of the body, or hidden in its behavior. But in everything. Starting from the movement of galaxies, ending with the structure of the snail shell. The same law operates in a person, it's time to recognize it.

What is its essence? A person by his actions affects everyone else, and everyone, accordingly, affects him. This is not explicitly seen, but we have come to a stronger mutual dependence and we can say that this is so.

In a family, in a team, in a country or in another community, we simultaneously shape it and receive an impact from it.

To put it even more simply, one person lived and lives on earth. That is, the sum of all thoughts, actions, desires of all people forms the "Man" system, which controls the actions of everyone. Paradoxical, but true! That is, each of us is not free? On the contrary, each of us governs all of humanity. Everyone is responsible for the world we live in.

By forming the right attitude towards society, we will exert the best influence on it, and it, in turn, will influence us in the same way. This is worth thinking about, observing and making sure that this is so - even in everyday life.

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