Why was the Tower of Babel built?

tower of babel
Pieter Brueghel the Elder. Tower of Babel. 1563

People are made to build. Build anything: houses, plants and factories, cars and rockets, a country, a world. In general, the itch of construction sits in our blood, in our genes. But our construction experience is actually unsuccessful, despite the greatness of the civilization that we managed to build.

They may object to me - What does it mean, a bad experience? After all, even in ancient times, people erected buildings, the likes of which do not exist in modern architecture. True, with the construction of machines, factories and factories and other delights of civilization, it was not like it is today.

There is one example of construction in the history of mankind , around which disputes do not stop to this day. Everyone knows the biblical tradition about the builders of the Tower of Babel. True, practically nothing remained of the building, except for the ruins, engravings and drawings.

Maybe the tower itself was of some value, as a structure of architecture. But this would still not be enough to mention her in canonical treatises. Yes, and not the description of the tower is the main thing there, but something completely different. This story conveys to us a warning against being overly enthusiastic about our ability to build.

After all, man creates what is not in nature. And it seems to him that what came out from under his hands is more than the possibilities of nature. And this is a sign that the essence of man is beginning to show its “face”. And our essence is very simple and familiar to everyone - no matter what we build, we build in order to exalt ourselves.

And we lay the expected greatness in the foundation of everything that we want to build. We are building a house to be better than the neighbors. We buy a car more expensive and luxurious to be respected and envied. We are building a stronger state to dictate its will to other peoples.

Well, such an approach to the goal of construction leads, ultimately, to the depreciation of the most important thing - people's lives. And not even in the sense that they are ready to kill others for the sake of their greatness and glory, although this is also present. And in the sense that intending to deliberately rise above others, we violate the basic law of Nature and plunge ourselves into unnecessary suffering.

And the most important law of Nature is the law of integrality. That is, the whole system of nature functions in accordance with a single program. Each element of the system has the same value as the entire system.

And for the first time people violated the law of integrity, being the inhabitants of Babylon. And they violated in the most terrible way - they devalued the most important human life. Allegorically, this is exactly what is said in the parable of the builders of the Tower of Babel.

“They built it high. Those who lifted the bricks went up from the east side of the tower, and those who went down came down from the west side of the tower.

And if someone fell and died, they did not pay attention to him. But if a brick fell, they sat and wept, saying: “When else will another rise instead.”

They did not spare human lives, but only appreciated the work of a person. And the alienation between people has reached such a degree that they no longer understand each other. And in the end, they left Babylon and dispersed throughout the earth.

Morality? What morality can there be if we are all descendants of the builders of the Tower of Babel.


  1. In all historical periods, man competed with Nature, who is cooler. Man turned rivers and built dams, created nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons. We see the results of his activities today, and they are not encouraging. Nature is always stronger and it is better to be in balance with it.

  2. With the current indifference among the young, there is no need to build, they will scatter where, if only they don’t calluse their eyes. And the older generation lives in skyscrapers and high incubators, not knowing their neighbors and their Babylons have long been destroyed, but they didn’t notice, believing that need to live. Therefore, nature grew up as a viral scout, and then with a crown, to teach people to take care of others, to reassess values and to understand Who Hu is.

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