Bankruptcy of capitalism

Bankruptcy of capitalism

Capitalism has demonstrated a marvelous ability to produce wealth. But he has one problem - he cannot but produce. And a banker cannot sit on a plastic chair at the entrance to a bank, sip coffee from a paper cup, and wait for a client who wants to put ten dollars into savings. Money must spin, and production must produce (absolutely no matter what).

When "no matter what" becomes useless, money stops moving, capitalism begins to stagnate - the root of all crises. Paradoxically, it is not the proletariat that becomes the gravedigger of capitalism, as K. Marx foretold, but money, for the sake of which it, in fact, was started. Credit and financial capitalism first ousted the commodity itself from the well-known formula "money-commodity-money". There were only "money-money" - games with shares on the stock exchange. Now all that's left is money and only money. Through loans, banks give us money they don't have. And stores accept them and put them back in the bank. But this money is as real as a gold plastic card. While the money is spinning, i.e. as long as people take out loans, capitalism functions.

But the era of shopping is coming to an end, and the coronavirus puts an end to it. Everything unnecessary will gradually leave our lives, and with it unnecessary services and production. This means a decrease in employed people and an increase in the number of unemployed. Gradually, the unemployed will begin to withdraw their savings from banks. And when there are ten percent of them, "suddenly" the money in the banks will run out, because they were not there. Bank failure leaves large networks and industry without hard-earned money through the same loans, etc. domino principle.

This is not an oil painting, but Malevich's "Black Square" in charcoal.

The problem is not even in capitalism, but in our one-sided perception of the world. The world is formed by two forces: giving and receiving, in harmony between them. They are also “plus and minus”, they are also the good and evil inclination, the spiritual and material worlds. We, creatures of the material world, strive for more and more pleasure. Having developed to perfection, egoism is ready to destroy everything and itself. To compensate for this negative force, a positive force must be attracted.

Man - the pinnacle of the development of egoism - can destroy all life on Earth (there is a weapon for this, and it is ready), but he can also bring nature to harmony. To do this, a person has the right to choose. In this he differs from the animal.

Today we are on the verge of grandiose changes - the emergence of a new formation based on two forces of nature. We have to learn to live in it. Everything that nature has endowed us with - language, reason, social dependence - must be reoriented from personal interests, as they are used now, to public ones. In turn, society should take care of each person. When prosperity is guaranteed to me, my fear of an uncertain future will disappear. Then it turns out that capitalism as a mode of production is not bad at all, and I can continue to spend with a plastic card, transfer virtual money to purchase vital things. Modern technologies are already able to provide for everyone.

To start making new connections, you need to get rid of the old ones. To do this, the virus came and seated us at home. We just need to take advantage of this gift of nature! Who knows what the next one will be?

A person always has the right to choose. It would be nice to use this right correctly for the benefit of yourself and everyone.

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