How to turn life for the better

How to turn life around

In the daily hustle and bustle, we have many tasks. This is what I have to do, this is what I want, then I have to be on time, and this is necessary, and this is necessary, and that, and I hope that in the end everyone will also owe me .... This is how a person's life gradually proceeds, day after day, year after year.

Let's look at ourselves in the mirror. Once I was such a pretty boy or a wonderful girl - I ran, jumped, enjoyed life, dreamed, sang - no worries and troubles. Childhood is great! And suddenly you come to the border. And a period of life begins when your brain is stormed by surrounding adults: “it’s time to grow up”, “you need to be more serious”, “you need to act, study, get a diploma and work”, “if you are without a profession, you will disappear, you will not feed your family”, “it’s time to get married”, “stop messing around, a difficult life is ahead”, “you are already an adult, and you have to decide everything yourself”, and so on and so forth.

And we, like programmed robots, rush to the attack - to prove to everyone and ourselves that we can be adults. Adult fuss in the beginning invigorates, excites and gives a big swing for the wings of freedom. But over time, worries and troubles drag deeper and deeper, and there is no longer any strength or desire to get out of them. Because our entire “flight” is accompanied by bumps, blows, mistakes, suffering. I no longer want to fight. It is better to walk on the ground than to fly with variable and dubious success. Better less is better.

And what is it like now to look at someone's achievements and applaud someone when you yourself had all the same chances? Nature did not deprive anyone, did not offend. Even in the presence of physical limitations, it compensates for our shortcomings with other virtues, properties, and qualities.

We look in the mirror and ask ourselves: “How did you dispose of everything that was given to you? Are you satisfied with your life? Did you dream about this as a child? By the way, for some reason it is believed that in childhood dreams and plans are all frivolous, naive and stupid. Let me disprove this theory. On the contrary, our "locators" in childhood capture a better and cleaner connection with nature. And on an intuitive level, a person can feel his predisposition to talents, a potential vocation.

At the same time, one cannot blame the environment for the decisions they made instead of me. They were just the millstones of life, kilns to make me stronger and stronger. If faith in oneself, in one's abilities is still preserved, and hope is glimmering in a person's heart, then the time will surely come when one can clearly see one's vocation, having made up for the lack somewhere in oneself. And you should never pay attention to age, mourn the past years. I am the same person from my childhood. But more persistent, more reasonable.

I remember the beautiful poems of Eldar Ryazanov to the song from the movie "Station for Two" :

We live something without excitement,
Monotonously, as in the ranks.
Don't be afraid to throw everything at stake
And change your life.
What were we at the start!
Now it’s not the same, the agility has disappeared ...
Play the risk map
Don't be afraid to change your life!

Where there is a place for fear, there is a limitation of our capabilities. You can't have any choice. Then the question is: do we need fear? Needed, very much so. Not having fear is like voluntarily moving into the oncoming lane. How far can you drive on it? Where courage is not paired with fear, only failure and disappointment awaits a person.

But is it possible to be guided in life only by fear? Like the wise gudgeon from the tale of Saltykov-Shchedrin: "he lived trembled, died - trembled." This is the destiny of small people with small desires. This whole world is created for each of us. Everything beautiful is for us. And it is not shameful to use all this. And to shame others with this is to admit defeat.

Isn't it better to boldly roll up your sleeves and start reshaping life to suit your inner feelings? Even if a person has not yet found, but is in constant search, he already achieves complete satisfaction with himself, his experience, life. Every day he breathes plans and his heart jumps for joy. He is enthusiastic, calm and understands everyone. Happiness lies in the path, not in the goal itself. Any goal fills a person to the maximum, and then devastates. And the road to the goal, thanks to the growth of desire and the lack of something else, only constantly fills.

Luck is not a random reward. It is the use of the positive force of nature. It can be consciously attracted into your life, but on one small condition: if I undertake to look everywhere and in everything for my meaning of life, my destiny. Where, how and how can I be useful to others? Try on yourself, try, not being afraid, but on the contrary, using the experience of life, all your properties. If you see luck in lottery winnings, this is a delusion. Look a year later at those who won - they are still unhappy, they do not have enough money as always, and all they dream of is to win again. Luck loves those who believe in themselves, their abilities and use it for the benefit of others.

Do not drag all the negative experience and suffering with you. To drag them along is to slow down your development. Fearing change, you can quietly hold on to death - and that's it. That's all life. And the goal of everyone’s life is to use themselves to the fullest where exactly I am lacking, to fill a gap in the entire system of humanity, to see it, hear it, feel it.

And it is also important to remember that if you don’t lose, you won’t win. Only through complete chaos and losses can one come to victory and the triumph of life!

Look, friends, in everything that happens, the meaning of your life, i.e. in which I can be a participant here, and not a spectator. How can I be useful to someone in whose life I can play a key role and turn his life for the better - here are my thoughts for changing my life. May good luck accompany you!


  1. After reading this article, some will say life has passed by. Dreams remain dreams. But now there may be a chance to fix everything. It's time to get up off your knees and enter a new life.

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