Signs of a new world

Signs of a new world

Signs of the new world have entered the lives of most of us rapidly. In many areas, from retail to education and other forms of life, dramatic changes are taking place.

I am familiar with the retail industry. By occupation, I am an entrepreneur and for many years owned a clothing store, the proceeds from which were my main income. Since the beginning of the pandemic, my field has undergone major changes. The entire retail trade began to sharply need to be restructured in a new way. Yes, of course, and earlier we needed online sales, which allow us to expand the possibilities of the location, which, in turn, increases the turnover. And when the quarantine period came during the pandemic, the need for a stationary point disappeared completely and there was an urgent need to communicate with customers in a new way.

Online shopping is an effective method, but it has its own nuances that lead small businesses to a dead end. Since social networks are a whole machine, the mechanism of which is owned by a specially trained team of people, and the maintenance of such a team is very expensive. Not all small businesses can make the transition to social media. Here is a real dead end. A stationary point has no relevance, and social networks are an expensive product. You also need to be competitive to give the best offer, as the online network market is oversaturated, for example, in my field.

For many entrepreneurs, the only way out was to suspend operations, go to the labor exchange and receive benefits or find a job that can support the family.

I think that the old life will not return. For the reason that we must review all activities in the aggregate. Not on the example of one organization or a boutique, but to take and rebuild the entire economy as a whole. To build such an economic system that will take care of everything rationally, without unnecessary production, without excess production, but measuredly for normal life.

As an entrepreneur, I have always felt the glut of the market and understood that it must collapse at some point. The economy and trade was like an insatiable child who absorbs excessively and demands more and more.

The restrictions imposed on humanity are the cure for the unstoppable desire to make a profit, to become the ruler of the world, to stand out, to become better and more noticeable than others.

I believe that, first of all, we must change the value system. Then it will change thinking, which will help rebuild the social bond within society.

We see that this cannot be avoided, because all systems are collapsing and there will be no return to the past.


  1. Yes, everyone will look into a home wardrobe or warehouse and understand that glut in every house and materialism has occupied our minds, and if there is no salary or it has halved, then they will not run for a new rag, and shoes will begin to wear out to holes and give leather ones for repair .Children will also see this, they will begin to learn thrift from their parents. Gradually, sales workers will also begin to look for alternative jobs. Earlier they worked for themselves, opened boutiques and shops, had a living penny that was not covered by tax, and now you need to go work for someone or on the Internet, in which few people can make decent money. Yes, you will have to think about how everyone can live together so that both oneself and the other can survive and live normally, without luxury.

  2. The unlimited desire of entrepreneurs to make a profit squeezes all the forces out of workers, leads to the depletion of natural resources and environmental pollution. We harm ourselves. Finally, people understood this, and many are already ready to accept the new values.

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