The Decline of the Empire of Selfishness


People demand the jobs they lost because of the coronavirus. They are sure that everything will still come back the way it was. They still believe that the state is able to arrange everything and reimburse them.

We are no longer surprised by the unrest in America, Lebanon, Belarus. We got used to the demonstrations in Israel. It looks like the same thing is going to happen all over the world more and more, because the situation is getting worse.

The world is losing the selfish ties by which it was connected: you to me, I to you, commodity-money-commodity. There was a system in which we lived for thousands of years until we squeezed all the juice out of it. By about the 1950s, this system had reached its heyday, and then began to rot. We have come to a situation where the old mechanism no longer works.

So today we find ourselves in a world revealing such problems that will not allow it to go back to its previous state. Financial and governmental minds are trying to find a solution on how to keep the existing systems in which there was a balance of how much one invests and how much one can get, buy.

This selfish system was relatively balanced, and everyone understood that this was life. And suddenly it fell apart in an instant: no one knows how to fix it or what will happen to us in the future. Selfishness, the driving force, kept me in opposition to others all the time, determining how much each would give and how much would get, binding us together in a selfish relationship.

But that connection doesn’t work anymore. What will now govern our relationship? We created the army, the police, the education system, the culture, the financial systems. Egoism pushed us to build an egoistic society, which suddenly stopped working. A crisis as never before in history began to unfold.

It seemed to us that we had achieved a beautiful organization of human society that matched our selfish nature. We had the opportunity to travel, to see the world, to understand each other, because everyone was driven by the same desire – to make more money. It would seem that what are we missing?

And look what happened as Nature’s coronavirus ruined all our plans for a prosperous life. We find that all our preparations for the good life don’t help, no selfish system works anymore. It would seem, why can’t we move to another, even more selfish system if the old one has stopped working? What to do? The only way is to move from an egoistic to an altruistic system.

Now that society has suffered such a blow, it must learn something. He needs to do some work on his mistakes. People must understand that to go back to the past is to repeat the same mistakes and inevitably come to an even greater crisis.

The old era is not coming back. So it makes no sense to sit and grieve for the old life, like an old man tearfully remembering his younger years. That time is gone, over! We have been thrown out of our former state by closing the door behind us, and there is no way back.

It’s a shame to waste energy and resources trying to bring back the past. If the government is unable to think properly about the future, society itself must realize that our work will shrink to what is necessary, and that what remains will be predominantly done through the Internet. People will have to abandon all the systems they have built – companies, banks, industry, commerce, education – and move to a new system.

The coronavirus crisis is not a verdict, but a step in the growth of civilization. We have grown to now consciously move into a new state of “giving back,” holding control in our hands.



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