Who and from whom are we protecting?

who do we protect

The guard, a guy of 23 years old, was thrown with stones and sticks by six children in Nur-Sultan, boys and girls. The man did not answer them with the same coin, asked and begged them to stop, and later refused to start a criminal case against his parents. The materials of the event were sent to the commission on juvenile affairs.

For me, this behavior of children is not new. Perhaps, with you, friends, similar events, unfortunately, have occurred, and even more than once. In old films about past centuries, there were scenes when children “dig” on the street to a strange, in their understanding, subject, they throw it with whatever they get, call names, pull on clothes. Such is the world of children - to infect each other with the game, where the main goal is to have fun. And by the behavior of children, one can determine the behavior and development of adult society, the atmosphere prevailing in that area.

This news worries me because humanity cannot get out of the past, animal instincts and states. Especially if this happens in a capital city, where laws are passed daily to improve the life of the population of the entire state. And especially if they are not homeless, but the children of well-fed, well-dressed, wealthy parents.

By the way, at the end of the same news article, more examples of recent crimes committed by children in the same capital are given. Is it possible that, traditionally celebrating World Children's Day, we will come to the introduction of laws to protect adults from children? Or will we have to introduce the International Day for the Protection of Adults? Yes, recently aggression in society has been growing, there is a lot of indignation and impatience. This negative cloud is capable of infecting us all with mass aggression if we do not begin to control our anger and behavior, realizing that we are people.

We need to remember that, firstly, the laws on the protection of human rights are constantly being updated, and ignorance of the laws does not relieve anyone from responsibility. Secondly, with the abundance of social networks and the flow of information about the right thinking and self-development, for some reason we get the opposite effect. Perhaps the parents of just such children sit day and night on social networks and like, post and repost wise quotes and aphorisms about how to live correctly. They admire other people's examples of kind and caring relationships from different videos, write comments about how great it is.

We are a generation of intelligent people, and we have problems of a higher level than in past centuries. So put down the phone and look around - your child is sitting next to you. Talk to him, reveal to him the meaning of that wise quote that you just liked. Understand that children are our continuation, the generation that will carry our name, honor, our values further into the world and build the future society. We need to show examples of consent, unification, respect for all animate and inanimate nature. Educate and talk about the boundaries of what is permitted.

If it’s easier for us to operate with quotes, then I’ll quote one of Bulgakov’s book “The Master and Margarita”: “Yes, a person is mortal, and this is not so bad. The bad news is that he suddenly dies." In other words, it will only be useful for us to remember death. What kind of world will we leave to children? When will we ourselves begin to be heroes in the eyes of children?

In the pursuit of material values, entertainment and empty worries about healthy food, a beautiful body, a person falls deeply into the animal state. In the animal world, there is only one goal - to keep yourself and offspring alive. That is, to feed oneself, breed offspring and continue to live in order to feed oneself, and so on until death. The level of man in nature has other goals and values.

Nature will not stop putting pressure on us with cataclysms, aggressive attitudes against each other, if we do not understand, do not voluntarily admit that we are people. Either through suffering, bitter lessons, or through awareness - nature will demand from a person harmony and agreement with it. She will not leave us until she teaches us to be friends and unite over everything that separates and repels us.

Let's not forget, friends , that in all of nature a rational head is given only to man. And our task is to strive in our own real life to be a man and to teach children to become an example of human relations. Even if you don't have kids yet, it doesn't matter. Our concern should be about the children of the whole world, there are no other people's children. When we cover everything negative with love and care, we automatically set an example for others, including children. It is important to earn authority in their eyes, but not by toys and permissiveness, not going on about their whims, but by involving them in new knowledge, interesting conversations and useful games, teaching them to think and empathize.

When you walk along a deserted or, conversely, crowded street, it seems that no one notices you. It seems that you can afford any whim, even mock and mock at someone weak. But do not forget that somewhere in the houses around, behind the curtained windows, a couple of curious little eyes are watching and watching me, for which I am an example to follow.


  1. To be an example not only to our own children, this is our duty as adults, but for this we must be properly prepared for life by the family, children's institutions, universities, colleges and their teachers must be properly trained. Until the education of human qualities comes first in people, adults are not an example of youth, unfortunately. Only individual and highly moral individuals can.

  2. Nature will force you to unite. People will have nowhere to go. Disrespect and rudeness of teenagers is not new. How to change the collective consciousness of people?

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