Who will teach us to live?


One thing was put into my ears from early childhood - you need to be educated.

Don't carry knowledge behind you, you know. While all the children were sledding during the winter holidays, I read 30 books on an optional assignment. While my friends watched serials in the evenings, I memorized the next paragraph in biology. While my peers were falling in love at the first apartment building, I wrote MAN in the Ukrainian language. While my classmates were learning their first relationship, I was preparing for ZNO in the courses like hell.

In my student years, while everyone was building connections “for the future”, I wrote a study on marketing in banks. While my friends were getting married and having children, I had 3 projects at the same time, Korean courses and five hours of sleep.

I have a higher education and a teaching diploma, I know two foreign languages, all the shelves in my house are full of books, a hundred diplomas and that same gold medal are stored in the pantry, I have taken a million courses, participated in a lot of grants and competitions and twice tried to open my own business. I am the same crammer, the notorious careerist.

“Olya, nothing will fix you,” my friends told me.

“Dry, you should find a guy and live normally,” the girlfriends lamented.

I nodded my head as I answered the work call.

Years passed, and at one fine moment I suddenly realized that my knowledge was worthless. No matter how smart I was considered, this knowledge was not able to help me live a fulfilling life. No matter how many languages I knew, they did not teach me how to communicate with people.

No matter how many global economics courses I took, they didn't help me adjust to the integral world. That same gold medal could not teach me about relationships in a couple. A million contests couldn't help me keep my friends.

Nothing that was stuffed in my head helped me understand the meaning of life. Formulas, analysis, rules turned out to be absolutely useless at the moment when I tried to establish relations with my family. Everything I knew turned out to be useless.

There are many of us. I didn’t crammed, but people who got into the educational system, which after 15 years gives a person nothing but knowledge that we use only to solve work problems. But how to live? Who will teach us to live?

How to build relationships in the family, make friends, work with conflicts, raise children, maintain connections, understand the opposite sex, accept the difference of all people, realize the causes and consequences of the processes that take place in the world.

Nobody teaches us this. Nor parents who assume that children will be taught everything they need in school. Nor other adults who think that changes in society will somehow happen by themselves.

The problem of education is our common problem. Children need education, not science. As adults, we need to be taught how to set up processes in society. Because, in the end, we live among people where everyone influences each other.

I am sure that by learning how to properly connect with each other at every level, our life would take on a completely different look. Correct, harmonious.


  1. This is an accurate diagnosis of our education system. It does not give anyone upbringing and the ability to communicate with people, after receiving a diploma, it simply re-learns the profession itself, if you are lucky to find a job in your specialty. it will take quite a lot... Our poor students, it is even worse for them because there is no distribution and they have to look for work on their own.

  2. Modern children already at school understand that what they are taught is unlikely to be useful to them in life. Therefore, they do not respect teachers. The school should first of all teach children the right connection with each other, instill friendliness and mutual assistance. On this basis, subject knowledge will be better perceived.

  3. Studying for the sake of studying is a waste of time and effort. An educated person will be happy and successful in life if he learns to build relationships with others correctly and harmoniously. Where can you learn this? Question!

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