Who needs family values?

family values

Housing and Urban Development Minister Ben Carson raised a sensitive topic about the cause of crime on America's streets.

In his opinion, children growing up without a father, in incomplete families, do not receive the correct values of the family and society. They are not able to think about the feelings of other people, they lack such concepts as care, tolerance, support, empathy, mutual understanding, community. They are deprived of a good example and do not feel love and importance from their families and environment.

The first iconic figure for boys from such segments of society is the policeman. Representatives of such structures most often act from a position of strength, performing punitive functions. No one is ready to take care of and raise children from the street for a long time. They are simply suppressed and punished.

The minister rejected the view of congressmen that the situation with crime and unrest is due to hunger and poverty. He himself grew up in a society with low incomes, but, according to him, young people did not behave this way before. And today it has become politically incorrect and cynical to talk about family values, because the family as a system simply ceases to exist.

The collapse of the institution of the family and the replacement of full-fledged education with the values of the consumer society led to a deep degradation of society. We need a set of measures, a completely new method of education, both for adults and children.

In the CIS countries, in the eastern diasporas, in European families living in small towns, the continuity of generations and family values are still preserved. And yet, in all sectors of society and in all countries of the world, the attitude towards the traditional family has changed significantly.

Until a critical mass of conscious, educated parents appears, the state and public organizations should take care of the younger generation. Children should be gathered in small groups, where they will play sports and socially useful work, spending their seething energy. But the main thing is that in this way they will begin to learn a new integral method of relationships in society. This will happen through discussions, brainstorming, team games, creating social projects, theatrical productions, filming video products and creating materials for the media. It takes a trained army of moderators and integrators to guide children through this course.

It is necessary to raise the role of women in today's society, which has been neglected for a long time. A woman is the main part of the family and society, because she builds a new matter, from where a new generation comes. It gives new life, forming a new humanity. A woman needs to start worrying about her children getting the right material and spiritual care. The child receives all perception of the surrounding world in the house, through the language of the mother, her tastes, views on the world. At a deep level, a woman has the right attitude to life, to children, to people. Nature itself shows us that all education in the animal world goes through the female.

We understand that a man and a woman need to look at the world through the prism of an integral, holistic view. It is then that they will discover new values for all areas of life.

Society is in such a peak state when everyone should learn and change their paradigm of life at the same time, adults, children, men, women, rich and poor, scientists and ordinary people. Everyone needs to reset and start moving in a completely new environment, helping each other.


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  1. We live like in a scary forest - children alone cannot walk in the yards, they go to school under control, entering the school with a special card with a control SMS to the parent, after school the same story to control that they left the school. Teenagers already have such total control they can’t stand it, they just quit studying, run away from home, and similar behavior. Adults cannot agree on how to educate, what to talk about with the younger generation, how to teach not to lie, if the adults themselves lie every day and many times ...

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