You can't live like this anymore


You can't live like this anymore. It is impossible to be ignorant and insecure all the time. The most conflicting information about what is happening makes it impossible to navigate. Not in space, not in feelings, not in time. Everything becomes unpredictable and unreliable.

The eternal question, which was hidden behind the daily bustle, behind the big, but such petty things, emerges more and more clearly and is already screaming. His cry breaks through the impending chaos of pogroms and demonstrations, through suffering from pain and hopelessness. If everything that has been created for thousands of years by generations of people collapses like a house of cards under the onslaught of a storm, then what was the whole meaning of our life ?

This cry is a sure sign of a new humanity being born in agony. The cry of a newborn baby who does not know why he appeared in the world, leaving his mother's womb. This is us, already in the new reality, but not wanting to leave the old, cozy world. A world where we loved each only ourselves, and what belongs to us. A world where everyone fought for a place under the sun, preventing others from living, without even knowing it. The world where we obediently were born, lived the time allotted to us, and went into oblivion.

Now we have an opportunity that no generation has ever had. Like a traveler packing his suitcase and going to a distant land. What will he take with him? Just what you need on the road. And in the new side he will receive everything that will fill his life with new meaning. We think that we are not ready for these changes, but the one who leads us through life knows better.

Man loves freedom, he is ready to die, but only to be free. We fought for so many centuries to feel like free people. And now Nature has fettered us and deprived us of the opportunity to move freely and do what we consider necessary. If this is the new reality, then what is the point of such a life?

We fought each for our personal freedom, without counting on others. For the sake of a sense of freedom, they were ready to bend anyone who stood in the way to their desires and whims. And so did the people around us.

Even now we are not ready to embarrass ourselves for the sake of others, to protect someone, infringing on ourselves. We still do not understand, have not yet felt that by starting to take care of all the people around us, we become truly free.

I stop caring about my survival, because in the new reality, all people care about me. Just like I take care of them.


  1. Even if we create somewhere such an enclave of love among the surrounding egoism, he will not be allowed to live. We all must change in order for life on Earth to continue. , approximately so one wise rebbe said.

  2. Very well written. Great words, especially at the end. I'm just too lazy to take care of others, but I want to live in a society where everyone takes care of everyone. Apparently, you have to learn it.

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