How much is freedom worth?


I’m afraid to go out of the house. The fact that, despite the new outbreak of coronavirus, people have become formal about requests to observe the rules of conduct is half the trouble. Something frightening appeared – many people began to show a deliberate disregard for what was going on. Fear of illness is gone.

Moreover, cases of resistance to law enforcement officers, who try to force citizens to comply with government decisions, have become more frequent. The most common argument abusers use to justify their behavior is Why can’t I do what I think is right? Why are you depriving me of my freedom?

The desire for freedom is inherent in each of us initially, but its meaning manifests itself in different ways. For some people freedom means money, for another – power, a third dreams of finding freedom by divorcing his wife, a fourth – a change of residence. There are many variations, but they all have one thing in common: it is not the freedom that Nature intended for man.

After all, no matter what we do in our lives, we will always do what circumstances dictate. And we will always make decisions in accordance with our inherent qualities. And our freedom will be illusory, because we cannot escape from the grip of the laws of Nature. We shall be born, live and die as each is appointed.

In protesting the new restrictions, we are, in fact, protesting Nature. After all, she is the one who condemned us to be under the power of the physical body. And we declare by our actions that freedom is dearer to us than life. Paradox – if I die, who gets to use my freedom?

No, it’s not a paradox. The goal of our development is to experience life not only in the physical body. We will have to come to a sense of the eternal life that flows throughout creation, enlivening every creation. We are on the threshold of that state. And for this reason, Nature stirs in us the desire to rise above all limitations.

But, you don’t have to risk your life and the lives of others to do it. It will come through an understanding and a desire to reach that state. And that would be true freedom. And the required price for freedom is only to accept the conditions and restrictions we go through on the way to freedom for now.

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