Should you keep only what you need?


I came to the idea of reducing material values recently, almost immediately with the onset of the pandemic. As an economist, I understood that the global crisis could last for years; therefore, to begin with, I made a calculation, and I had a goal. Like many, I started by getting rid of unnecessary things in the closets, then I decided to donate toys to the kindergarten and sell unnecessary books, get rid of excess cosmetics and paper documents, electronic and virtual trash. Since we were all in quarantine, there was enough time.

What's wrong with shopping therapy?

Bad mood, depression, we try to fill with shopping. We buy everything in a row, and it does not matter whether we wear it or not, just to buy. The more we buy, the more we want. I want endless pleasure. Now, before any purchase, I ask myself the question: for what reason do I want to buy it - for myself or for others to know that I have it? Is this exactly what I need? Another important indicator: imagine that if I had more money, would I buy this thing?

Gradually, along with getting rid of the material, the understanding came that it was time to clean the intangible as well - unnecessary connections, relationships, meaningless conversations, lists from books and films that you think you will definitely read / watch, but - you never do.

From the Soviet past, with its scarcity and the way of thinking formed on this soil, I have a habit of collecting empty paint cans to use as flower pots, empty eggplants just in case, glass baby food jars and other rubbish that takes up a lot of space.

Now, under the influence of the crisis economy, I decided to keep a record of income and expenses, and, to my surprise, I noticed that half of my expenses are a waste of money.

First of all, I excluded harmful products for children from the list: chips, “kirieshki”, kinder surprises , bottles of water, pies on the go, bags of corn sticks with surprises and unnecessary plastic toys. I gave a huge bag of such toys to kindergarten. It turns out that in a month they alone accumulate quite a decent amount spent!

Only the essentials

The most important thing is that, consciously refusing unnecessary purchases, I realized that I can do without a new acquisition. And do not litter your home and life with unnecessary things.

And now a few words about vacation. Where to go on vacation? Previously, my family and I went to Turkey to combine holidays at sea and shopping. Now I know that it is not worth spending money and traveling to distant lands when you can have a great rest in your own country, which is full of unique historical and natural places that I have not been to yet.

Sitting at home, everyone thought that after the end of quarantine, people would lose the need to fill up with all kinds of shopping, etc. But already now we see that the relaxation has begun, and people began to fill restaurants and shops to fill the void. I know from my own experience that shopping therapy is a pleasant thing, accessible to many. But it distracts from the goal that a person and society as a whole must achieve.

In pursuit of profit, people open production and enterprises that are completely unnecessary to anyone, poisoning the air, water, and land. And this is instead of just starting to live in a new way, leaving only the necessary.

What to do?

To avoid further pollution of nature , it is necessary to reduce up to 80% of enterprises. It will be enough for 20% of the working population, which will be able to feed everyone else. Otherwise, Nature will have to correct us, precisely directing us to the goal of development.

This is not sitting in cafes, restaurants, bars, running around on sales, but working on ourselves, when we learn together to get closer to each other and create a single system. We must definitely find out what is happening to us and what Nature wants from us. She wants absolute union with each other, so that we can be as one person with one heart.

Businessmen are interested in the prospect: what will be in demand tomorrow. The most demanded now in business is to remove goods in which the population does not have an urgent need. Closing unnecessary businesses is now the most successful business!

The sooner we realize that we are not in a crisis , but in a new state of Nature, the sooner we will try to adapt to it. And fantasies about returning to the old life can bring society to complete exhaustion. It is better to look at things realistically and cut down on everything superfluous. And as soon as possible.


  1. I had to retire back in 1992, so I can’t afford shopping therapy, but still there are a lot of things in the closet - something has been left since then and even of high quality, something given to me by children, it’s no longer possible to alter or bandage I can - back pains do not allow, but it’s not necessary either - to wear it to death and not take it down ... But the grandchildren have so much junk that even giving good things and toys to a kindergarten or church is still full and, I’m afraid, their parents don’t they just indulge, but they teach them that they always buy everything they asked for, and children already consider it the duty of parents to work on their gadgets, fashionable sneakers, skateboards, billboards, bikes, scooters, pools, etc. ... Consumers grow up, which ones will turn out husbands and wives? Adults devastate these children - they don’t invent what to build a doll’s house from, make a slingshot or a gun, make a scooter, jump through an elastic band - they buy all this and serve it on a plate with a blue border. If we don’t stop ourselves, then we will lose our children and quickly because they will only need our wallet. Only the hope that the new generation will no longer appreciate rags and other junk ...

    • Yes, modern children are very bored. They don't know how to play simple things. They don't develop imagination. From the age of 2 they look at gadgets, for this they do not need any mind or imagination.

  2. Each of us really has plenty of junk. Some are expensive, some are simpler. It's right. And our youth is tempted by the constant advertising of the same very branded sneakers or something else. This is of course a problem. You don't want to be left behind in fashion. But, as they say, they are greeted by clothes, but they are escorted by the mind. It's time to understand this. Take care of your inner development. Remember that we are people, not just dolls.

  3. I don't understand the connection between the looming crisis of emptying the closet and handing out half-used cosmetics. Dresses in the closet do not interfere with overcoming problems, if the closet has to be used for firewood.

  4. My son also throws things away from time to time. When I feel sorry for some thing and do not give it away, he says, my mother will leave the old, a new one will come, even better. Faith is higher than knowledge that the crisis will change our thoughts, a new world will come, and we will live better than yesterday.

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