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A few years ago in our organization, I was offered to lead a project. He looked very interesting. Well, the very fact of trust from the authorities and the opportunity to "command" strongly inspired.

But as soon as I agreed, I was given a very strict framework and literally filled up with tasks. There was no team yet, only a list of phone numbers of those who had the necessary skills. I was given the responsibility of bringing into the project people who are ready to work voluntarily, in their free time, without leaving their usual position. As a result, ten people agreed to work, but in fact two performed the tasks with high quality. The rest worked either too long or poorly. Gradually, I stopped giving tasks to such people, doing them myself. As a result, all the burden fell on the three of us, and from the project itself, only the terrible tension with which we worked, and the desire to lead something repulsed for many years, remained in our memory.

Realizing that leadership and management are not mine, however, in the future I began to pay attention to the work of my own bosses, to how they distribute tasks, bring details, accept work, how they build relationships in a team, are they ready to listen, help. And most importantly, whether they want to lead subordinates to some goal.

There were such bosses who, apart from the list of tasks, were not interested in anything else. No team, no personal and professional growth. Here is a task for you, if it is not clear - look for those who will explain. If you don't know how to do it, look for those who know. If there are none, spin as you like, but on time to pass. Every question they ask is “how are you?” – implies only a report on the current status. Your life doesn't care about them at all. They do not want to hear any explanations about possible problems. I never considered such "leaders" as managers. God forbid to fall into submission to them. Work becomes a living hell.

Fortunately, there were more people who both explained normally and helped when needed. There were even more advanced leaders who cared about a healthy atmosphere in the team, about the good mood of the team, about meetings in an informal setting. With such bosses, you feel especially relaxed. You can talk to them about anything from basketball to a pay rise. You are ready to take on additional tasks to help the team. You go to work with joy, no matter what difficulties you may face.

Once in my childhood, one smart uncle explained to me using the example of sports that a good coach will make an average athlete out of a bad one, a good one out of an average one, and a world champion out of a good one. In my experience, I have found that this is the case. Under the guidance of a true leader, you want to grow, improve, take responsibility. A true leader educates his wards in such a way as to make them higher than he is. He knows everyone as flaky, he knows the advantages and disadvantages of people, he knows how to sort everything out correctly. The real leader is the one who creates the Team, and the team creates it.

I wish you to fall under the wing of a true leader . For me personally, this is the most important aspect of feeling happy and well-being in life.


  1. An ideal option, but, unfortunately, there is nepotism in life and thieves, often weak and even fools, are appointed to the positions of chiefs, so leadership in simple work is very doubtful .... And in creative work even more, they make discoveries alone, and a scientific article is published, where the name of this researcher is never the first, it’s good if it’s the second. It’s sad, but in our country it is. society and in our country.

  2. It happens that you find yourself in such an environment where the authorities love sycophants and only promote them. And here it is necessary to act in various ways so that there are no conflicts in the team. Talk to sycophants and explain that this is not good and low, that he upsets the balance and spoils the atmosphere.

  3. A true leader is one for whom the success of the business is more important than his own success. He is able to inspire everyone and takes into account the interests of employees. But, unfortunately, there are very few such leaders.

  4. Quite right, the leader does not lead, but only directs, suggests that the wards grow and become not only higher than him, but also open the knowledge of a new, real reality to everyone who wants it - to the whole world.

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