Time for Change


The wheels of the coronavirus continue to gain momentum. The number of those infected is growing, but the upper classes today are more comfortable worrying about the economy than about health.

It is clear that COVID-19 is no longer a temporary problem that will disappear like a seasonal flu, this phenomenon will stay with us for a long time. Therefore, it is time to reconsider outdated values and dogmas.

Who needs diamond jewelry today? Who would want to buy them? The coronavirus changed priorities and put the diamond exchange in its proper place. Who placed diamonds, gold, and jewelry on such a high pedestal of value? They became so because of social consensus and the enormous weight that people began to give to carbon gems. But people are capable of more! They can agree on other values that are much more beneficial to society. Agree that it is more important for us today to be together, to feel the unity of one big family, to live the necessities of a normal life. But only for that you have to develop a different way of thinking.

What’s important today? The answer is simple: life according to the needs of the individual and the desires of society as a whole. One will say that we need security, another that we need education, another that we need culture. Everything is accepted with the exception of marginal businesses, arms and drug trafficking. It is high time to send all of this overboard. Leave what people really need!

The coronavirus is not going to kill us, that is not its goal or immediate purpose. But as of recent times, nature has been working to reorganize us into another society. And that is why today we cannot go back to the old way of life. However, without panicking and without giving up, we can set out to build an integral society.

Abandon the old selfish economy with business based on invented and imposed desires. Society must become more socialist. But this socialism must not be based on double standards, not on the bayonets of special committees. It must conform to an integral, altruistic law of nature.

Whether we like it or not, this idea is already permeating the public consciousness. For only by uniting can we confront the common threat of pandemics and ecological disasters.

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