The first thing to do to solve the problem of unemployment

unemployment problems

A huge number of people are losing their jobs. And I am one of them. The entire social service sector is dying out like once mammoths.

What will happen to small businesses? This question leads to fear for oneself, for everyone around, and to a lack of understanding of what to do next.

How will a small city live, where the main occupation and source of income was earnings for the provision of certain services? Who will take care of this in such difficult conditions? Several pressing conditions fall on the entrepreneur: on the one hand, this is rent, on the other hand, this is tax, and on the third, these are all utility and expenditure payments and salaries. And the paradox is that this area of activity is completely unprotected and not beneficial to the state.

After doing some research, I discovered one interesting thing. But as?
I went to the website of the State Service , and found out for myself such a thing that when registering for unemployment, an entrepreneur in relation to the state is a useless person, he is equated with the number of those people who first came to get a job. This suggests that if suddenly an entrepreneur takes risks, then he will receive 1,500 rubles from the state.

And the minimum taxes to the state fund from useless entrepreneurs amount to 35-50 thousand rubles or more per year. Plus, the entrepreneur provides jobs to the population of the city, etc.

Amazing world we live in, isn't it? The social system of society today has become a utopia for humanity, and in the future it will more and more show how broken the connection between all its parts is. And the basic law in any integral system is when the big one takes care of the small one and does it the way he wants to be done for him.

If someone feels good today, it does not mean that tomorrow he will not find himself in some kind of situation, because any sphere of activity depends on and is closely connected with all the others. If you are a manufacturer, then in order to be bought, you need wholesale sales, and wholesale depends on retail and on the income of the population.

In the situation that awaits us ahead, we will not be able to get through it if we do not act together, taking all these conditions into account.

The first thing to do is to take care of social benefits for the unemployed part of the population in order to avoid an outbreak of mass unrest and hatred. This should be done in preparation for the upcoming season, prepare training programs for people who will enter quarantine again, so that people can spend time psychologically for the benefit of health and the state, and pay only those who will undergo such training. So we can grow socially and people will be engaged in useful action, which will give a plus to society as a whole.


  1. I would also add: all utility bills for the low-income population, single pensioners, the disabled, the unemployed, etc., should be paid by the state according to the norms of water, gas, light consumption. The money would then immediately go to the state’s income, and would not be stolen by housing departments and service providers .

  2. A special course on the importance of the family should be included in the training program so that all family members in difficult conditions can unite and support each other.

  3. Very good thoughts! It’s just not noticeable that states have moved towards them even a little during the pandemic.

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