Grab hold, pull yourself up to the grate, look at will


"Happy hours are not observed." This can be said, in general, about all living beings. Except human. They, the rest of the creatures, do not follow the time. And the man took, but exchanged a calm natural life for hours, minutes, seconds and other flickering.

But the exchange has been made. Whether it is beneficial or not - the exchange of a simple animal life for a sense of time - is a matter of opinion.

Some, however, are trying to arrange a reverse exchange for themselves. Return to simple life. They sit somewhere on the shore under a palm tree or on a hill, meditate or just crush lice. No desires, except for intuitive ones. The sun has risen - not far from the big yellow "M" on the roof. I went, quenched what had accumulated, and again under the palm tree.

But we understand that he can crush lice slowly only because millions of others are rushing about, counting hours, minutes and seconds.

But it is necessary. I want to be in time for another part-time job, I want to be in time for another carve-up, to have time to take out a loan for the development of the district, to be in time ....

That is? That is, a person calls time the gap between how he had a need or desire until the moment when they are already realized and you can calculate what happened.

Animals have constant desires . That is why there is no time for them. In humans, as in the species, they are not just different. They are still developing and multiplying. Every year it gets tougher.

Once upon a time, century from century was not very different - when the desires of people in the next century did not differ much from the desires of their great-grandfathers in the previous one. And now…

And yet it is not clear.

So there was a desire to earn extra money - you have, and a desire to eat - the wolf. Both you and he went for prey. Why are you glancing at your watch while he trots at a calm trot and calmly sniffs the air? Because he is alone, he has a hunting territory, and there are a lot of edible living creatures on it. And you're not alone.

You are not alone! There are a lot of people around you just like you! Not wolves, of course, all decent people - but each of them also have their desires, and also with incredible frequency. And whether you will be able to achieve prey for your own in this thicket of other people's desires is a big question.

Here it is, the reason for the bitterness of our life. Here it is, the reason for the existence of time for man.

Uncertainty. The desire that has arisen in a person is not sure that it will be possible to achieve something.

And why? But simply because a person wants for himself. And around - a lot of others, each of which also wants for himself. Not even the same as you, but your own. And you need to slip between them, have time to take into account their desires, have time to squeeze into the first car, wait for the list of those accepted, have time to smile affably to whoever needs it ....

Prison, in short. Captivity. And a dim light through an iron grate in which our desires for ourselves are intertwined with the desires of others for ourselves.

And yet, let's see at least what's out there. Grab the grate, pull yourself up, look through it ....

God, yes there is not just a will! There is an absolutely unimaginable prospect! The perspective of life outside of time. And not animal life, not a two-legged wolf who, having lost his mind, changed his watch for a gun. Or sat down tightly under a palm tree.

No, the perspective of human life is visible from there. If you want, "a man with a capital letter."

The reason for the time - the lack of confidence in meeting your needs - arises because they, your desires and needs, are dear only to you. And for others, they are competitors and rivals to their desires.

That is? That is, in the normal scenario - we repeat: in the normal! - when in society everyone lives and acts for the sake of others, then mother-uncertainty, together with her offspring-time, collect their belongings and quietly leave the stage.

After all, all the vital needs of a person are naturally satisfied, because everyone takes care of him. And the person changes, he becomes calm and confident.

Because everyone stopped trembling about themselves, everyone had (sorry for the outdated term) "time" to think about others. And to deal with all the "time" (again, it's, damn, sticky muck) with the needs of others, the community, society.

In general, I think, the mechanism of the disappearance of time from life is clear. If not entirely, it is simply because we do not yet have the experience of such a life. Well, it's a living thing.

The only thing that seems to raise objections is the possibility of such a way of life at all. Declared by us as a "normal alignment". Well, there is no doubt about it. After all, we, humanity, are nothing more than a subsystem of the general nature. So, for some time now, this “subsystem” that has imagined itself has become more and more in discord. Both internal and in relation to nature itself.

But the most interesting thing is the reason for this discord. It is the same as the cause of our uncertainty, and time, and in general our life behind the bars of desires - everyone wants, acts and achieves each for himself. And the further, the more assertive. How can there be discord here?

And in nature, with such matters, everything is clear. It either forces its subsystems to enter an equilibrium, harmonious state, that is, into a "normal alignment", or .... But it is better, of course, not to take this terrible “or” into account.

And as for the harmony of the state, when desires coincide, being directed to a common interest, there can hardly be any doubts.

Just as about the fact that nature is able to force us to come to the described state of mutual life. Not by washing - so by skating. And the one who knows what "skating" is, understands that washing is better.


  1. Yes, the article is great. True. I saw myself. It seems to me that until a person is exhausted, tired of this constant hunting, there will be no shift. And the article is great! More of these helps to think about where and for what I'm going in life.

  2. People are tired of the endless running in circles. They no longer want to "... catch another part-time job ..." They want to understand: - "What is this for? What is the meaning of our life? People's desires are changing, especially after the coronavirus.

  3. Now I understand why I was always so depressed by time, by the way, I was always late, I couldn’t establish “relationships” with time. But I would like to live in the New World of Timelessness, where everyone cares about everyone!

  4. The article is correct, it describes the reality in which we exist! You can’t argue with nature, she will teach us to love her or be afraid! (They immediately got scared of the virus) And who will teach us to love others, and not ourselves? Or will we wait for manna from heaven...

  5. Yes, running in circles is our life. There is no time left for self-knowledge, understanding the meaning of our existence. We are all running somewhere. For what?

  6. What subtle humor and self-irony over us ourselves from the author! Reading is a pleasure! The topic is very important, and with such a presentation - interesting.)

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