The work of the future is care


Today, when the world is gripped not only by the fight against the coronavirus, but also by an endless stream of riots, pickets and demonstrations, and the economies of countries are in recession, everyone is worried about how they will be able to earn a living in the future. Consider the evolution of the labor market on the example of the Soviet and post-Soviet period, with the transition to today's global and integral world.

Work in the USSR

Once upon a time there was a powerful, rich and diverse country - the Soviet Union. It built a system for educating a person in such a way that from the moment of birth a person got into a nursery, then to a kindergarten, then to school, to a university or secondary school, after which he was guaranteed a job. This meant an 8-hour working day with a salary and a bonus, plus a social security package: an apartment on the state balance sheet, days off, vacations, vacations, children's camps, pensions. Exclusively by order, the possibility of career growth, moving from position to position, transfer to another locality was assumed. It would seem that life is good, and life is good!

But there was a reverse side of this coin - total control over a person's life from the moment of birth to the organization of his funeral. If there was a "God's spark" in someone, called talent, it was encouraged, but strictly according to the order of the state. It was especially difficult for a creative person, he sold his work on order, or was forced to emigrate to other countries. Scientific, pedagogical and technical people also had a hard time, because. ideology (October - pioneer - Komsomol member - communist) massively poured into the mind of a person, turning him into an obedient puppet, ready to give himself, his life and dream for some standard benefits. This system lasted 70 years and fell apart.

Dashing years of unemployment

Then came the period of the "dashing 90s", when the old laws no longer worked, and there were no new ones yet. This time someone can call a period of free swimming, and someone - a period of chaos and confusion. Everyone together forgot about work, people were occupied with politics, they constantly watched TV with great anxiety and hope. At the same time, those who were taller and more agile, closer to the state trough, actively introduced the privatization of all state real estate, including land, and themselves actively used this innovation.

From that moment came the division into employers and employees. Of course, it was a shock, and people did not immediately accept such rules - where there were no rules. Accordingly, unemployment, drunkenness, desperate and wild life grew. The state, divided into many neighbors, hastily organized a system of coupons, coupons, in order to somehow feed the population, which is necessary for the formation of a new independent state. And some realized that there is no way to earn money legally. Any, even dubious business has become a prestigious occupation, and the attitude of a person to any gangster group provided him with minimal, albeit unreliable, but security. And it seemed that this hopelessness of the end and edge does not exist ....

Computer introduction

The darkest night is before dawn. Of course, the beautiful, powerful people of each sovereign state, along with their new status, gradually began to acquire a new state ideology, get used to the system of private business and market relations. It was a pride to work in a prestigious company: a clean office with office equipment, a business dress code, combed hair and glasses, and ... voila! - a ready-made employee with a diploma, but without knowledge and qualifications. And those who are so unlucky with the "necessary connections" - go to working specialties.

At the same time, the active distribution and use of mobile devices and computers began. As a matter of urgency, many universities, schools and courses were opened. That is, we have an assortment and choice. But all that a person's life came down to was just go and work! And the man worked. Working time at each enterprise was determined in its own way, no one gave any social guarantees, white and black bookkeeping was kept everywhere. However, everyone wanted to work and earn.

internet time

Following computerization, the world wide web appeared almost immediately and began to grow - the Internet . He broke into our lives and began to personify everything that was beautiful and bright in the mind of a person. The man was greedily absorbed, carried away and amazed by everything that was going on "behind his back", where he himself was not. Desires grew in a person, he really wanted to get into those wonderful lands that opened on a browser page, try those dishes that the Internet lured, do what could not be done before. And bright dreams of benefiting people began to turn into dreams of saving money, and everything that he saw and wanted from the Internet was realized.

The work of a person was the same, the undesirable conditions at work were the same, but there is already a desire and aspiration for everything that the Internet promises. This is where a new trend appears in society - to earn a lot and quickly. People went to earn money on what: some turned into lovers and mistresses, proudly demonstrating their relationship. The beauty industry began to grow. Boys began to follow the example of girls in order to easily and simply earn with their bodies. Others leaned to learn new types of professions: forex and commodity exchange trading, advertising, marketing, sales, network marketing, all types and levels of management. There was a lot of work, there was an opportunity to earn money abroad. But it became less and less interesting for people….

Before the pandemic

A person has developed and learned to earn money in several fields at once: to rent something, to work officially somewhere, and to earn money through the Internet with something. A huge number of people through business and personal growth courses have learned and are no longer afraid to open their own business, hire employees, grow and expand. They began to gain freedom from the state and reckon with it for everything. A person has already allowed himself to drive good cars, fly around countries and seas, try a lot of delicious and exotic things, post evidence of all this on social networks and at the same time demonstrate a wide smile and fun. Borders and countries began to disappear in the human head. The world has become integral and one whole, fitting in the palm of a smartphone.

If you look at what was going on inside him, then this is constant stress. Stress from countless flights and trips, stress from constantly pressing bosses, colleagues and the fulfillment of a plan on which the salary depends, stress from the endless dissatisfaction of the spouse (spouse), stress from an unsuccessful “bow in stories”, from inadequate commentators, from friends oppressing with fake relationships , from a car that requires money, from the irrepressibly growing desires of children, for whom he himself became an example. Growing and dissatisfaction with their state.

Coronavirus power time

And suddenly, out of nowhere, it came – the coronavirus. Quietly and calmly returned everyone to their homeland from all trips, seated them at home, took away work, entertainment, took away everything that became the cause of stress. All people have turned into one person with one thought for all. One fear fettered everyone, some questions excited everyone: what was happening, how to be and how to live on. The state here has assumed the main role of a guarantor that everything will be fine. It began to take care of the person, politely and gently asking to stay at home, promising some kind of compensation in return. The man calmed down and sat down at home.

Some, on the contrary, had to work hard to save the lives of others. This is a real period of exploits and heroism! The person began to feel that the meaning of life is to be useful, necessary and important to someone. I saw with my own eyes the price of life and death, I learned how a great tragedy turns into ordinary statistics.

The days have come when the coronavirus is waiting at every step, and you need to work, because. the state budget is not rubber. Emergency services that require highly qualified specialists have been, are and will always be. And the rest is waiting for a new future - remote work at home.

Benefits of working from home

Advantages. First, there is no point in renting huge and expensive offices. Even inexpensive and small ones. All meetings and agreements are online. The Internet has acquired a new value, showing the benefits for human life. Today, almost every small boutique and shop has its own page on social networks, and large businesses have moved to their website and are active, brisk trade through online stores.

The next advantage is the closeness of the family, when a person wakes up and realizes that he does not need to jump up in a crazy turmoil, swallow hot coffee, get dressed, warm up the car or run to a bus stop to rush to work. He can invest the same time in his relationships in the family: prepare a delicious breakfast, cheer everyone up in the morning, talk over tea, distribute household chores among all family members.

Another benefit is saving money on travel and lunches. You can be creative and cook whatever your heart desires. To date, the largest number of video views on YouTube are cooking channels.

Saving travel time is another benefit. Thanks to the advent of video communication, you can just spend time with friends, online cafes have begun to open. Many began to purchase simulators and devote time to sports. It became free time to take online courses for self-knowledge and the acquisition of new professions. You can water your flowers, feed the fish and pets, and get creative. And with all this, be at work and work! Indeed, at work in offices, a huge amount of useful time is spent on tea parties and smoke breaks, endless and useless conversations about everything and nothing. Time becomes the main wealth of man.

Professions of the future

Today, accountants, lawyers, all consulting have switched to online services, education has switched to online, banks have switched to Internet banking, cash has become conditional, payment is accepted everywhere by credit card. All this can easily replace a mobile application. Massive reduction in the number of jobs. If a sales manager made phone calls to clients in the office, went to meetings with them, today it is already useless to go to a meeting with those who work from home. Managers are replaced by a beautiful and stylish website, where a potential client can find what he needs in peace and quiet.

Working professions began to be replaced by robots or computer equipment, even restaurants with robot waiters appeared. The presence of 3D and 4D printers simplifies the process and eliminates the human factor. Services of beauty salons are transferred to services with a visit to the house, or at home. In industry, the extraction of natural resources is significantly reduced. The production of aircraft and automobiles was sharply reduced. A new breath, obviously, will receive agriculture. Megacities and large cities will begin to lose their importance. Empty offices and buildings are more likely to be used as housing for the population. The discontent of people will grow in the world for various reasons, plus a complete lack of desire to work, and the absence of work itself.

In general, everything goes to the fact that there will be big changes in the labor market. The global pandemic will show which professions will be important and needed. This is the service sector within the most necessary, security services, saving human life and health, the production and sale of food products. In connection with the climate crisis and the transition to a green economy, ecologists and biologists of various fields will be needed. The most demanded will be the development of digital technologies and communications.

But the bulk of people will find work in the field of caring for the psychological state and the spiritual component of a person. To adapt to the new conditions of life, the support of a person will be needed. Laws will change with concern for the person. One position will be divided among several people. This will cut some of the person's appetites, and the working day will last only 3-4 hours in order to give another person an opportunity to earn money.

Only by thinking about each other, caring about the life and well-being of others, we will be able to survive and reach a higher level of development of all mankind. Where there will be a worthy place for everyone, there will be food, shelter, comfort and prosperity in everything. We can work together to solve common problems and share common joys. This is the meaning of human life and its harmony with the environment.


  1. Everything is so, but there will still be skirmishes for jobs, when the previously earned money runs out, there will be hunger riots because no one is concerned with the question of what to do with the liberated population and who will give money to the unemployed. Only after confusion and unrest will they begin to get out of the crisis, they will trade their own rags and belongings, and no one will buy it. People who have not changed inside themselves will not live as described in the last paragraph of the article. In my opinion, a whole stage in the formation of a new person has been missed?

    • You are right, for order and harmony to come, chaos and despair are necessary. Not without it. However, it all depends on the desire of a person and his speed to change circumstances. On the very question of the stage of formation of a new person, it is already clear that you know this stage perfectly. And this only pleases.) I reflected only on the ways and opportunities to earn money. Thank you for the idea, let it become a separate topic.)

  2. The virus will help divide people's priorities. What is more important for you: a trip to the sea or your own health and the health of your loved ones? Communication has also changed the virus. It is now considered normal to meet friends virtually. Even weddings are celebrated this way. People are becoming more attentive to each other. They return to the family. Man himself is changing, our future is changing. And we'll see!

  3. What are the people of this world thinking about. Now the growth of cases has gone up a lot and for some reason they decided to open the borders. Of course, someone needs to take care of the population. Let it take care of itself.
    Therefore, the salvation of the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves.

    • Just yesterday, all the stock indices of the leading countries of the world collapsed. The power of the world shifts its vector from money to spirituality. Aware and caring for others people will be powerful in this world. Thanks Zara!

  4. we will be forced to realize the integral form of life in the likeness of nature, and this is care, attention and support for each other ...

  5. When will these changes take place? I think it's not easy. People will resist, clinging to the usual pleasures. I hope at least the grandchildren will see these changes.

    • Yes, Olga, not tomorrow, not simply and easily, I agree. But do not rush to leave this as a legacy to your grandchildren. Every day we are able to change the situation in the world, even just in our thoughts. This is already the accumulation of a huge positive force in nature. Thank you.)

  6. If a woman works from home, the burden on her will increase dramatically. She should be both a teacher, and an educator, and a cook, and an organizer of leisure and family finances. To receive satisfaction and joy from such work, a woman must feel approval and respect from society.

    • Very well thought, Anna, thank you. Therefore, it is important to raise the issue of women's education so that she feels where and how she can be useful, and where her participation is not required. And in general, a new system of upbringing and education of a person is needed.

  7. I wonder how young people 20+ read your article? For us, post-Soviet, everything described is very close. Changes are evident, and the future - we are ready for changes🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • I just gave it to my son who is 20+)) We have very wise youth now! More sensitive and prepared. You can compare a whale and a sardine. While the whale, with all the baggage of experience and knowledge, makes one movement, the sardine has already turned around several times and managed to do everything.) Thank you for reading with the thought of a new generation!

  8. Only by thinking about each other, caring about the life and well-being of others, we will be able to survive and reach a higher level of development of all mankind. Where there will be a worthy place for everyone, there will be food, shelter, comfort and prosperity in everything. We can work together to solve common problems and share common joys.
    Right! This is in accordance with the law of correspondence of properties. In nature, everything is interconnected, it is global. Thinking about each other is like being connected to each other. It just takes effort all the time. As one problem is solved, the next one will appear.

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