On family relationships during isolation


We asked our readers about their impressions of family life during the lockdown .


  1. A great video, governments should also watch it ... And in relationships, compromise, concessions and listening to the opinion of a partner are always needed, especially if he is a spouse or she is a spouse.

  2. Interesting video! To find out the opinion of people, when everyone speaks with different needs, in different words, in the end everyone comes to the same desire and vision of their comfortable future - to live and create in harmony in the family.

  3. It was interesting to learn opinions about the passage of self-isolation in the family. On the one hand, it’s a plus: you don’t have to rush to work in the morning, drag the children to the garden or accompany them to school. And on the other hand, not everyone is given to spend so much time together in a confined space and not quarrel, not bring things to a divorce. It's good that the heroes of this video seem to cope with this successfully.

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