How to survive the coronavirus crisis


The world is frozen in fear. On the one hand, the pandemic, which put all people in quarantine, and on the other, the economic downturn. If the epidemic is not dealt with in a couple of months, then it will return next winter, and not a single economist in the world will undertake to predict how it will turn out.

The crisis forces people to look for the cause of the problems that arise. A person mobilizes all his strength, begins to comprehend the situation, trying to figure out how to get out of the situation. There is a reassessment of values. Therefore, let's sum up the correct results of our attitude to the world and treat carefully and reasonably everything that is created not by us, but by Nature.

Who is to blame and what to do?

US President Donald Trump accused China of not stopping the coronavirus infection. And if the United States imposes economic sanctions against China, then the impact will be not only on China, but also on many countries. Russia and Iran are the main suppliers of oil products. For them, the loss of the oil market threatens with serious economic consequences. But America itself is cutting the branch it sits on, because China has also threatened retaliatory sanctions. Who will help the search for the guilty?

In order for the economies of countries to recover, it is necessary to look for the root of the problem. After all, the crisis hit everyone. As a result of the pandemic, a huge number of people lost their jobs, wages were reduced, but mandatory payments did not go anywhere, families did not stop eating.

Further, the reduction of deposits of the population, the reduction of purchases will begin - people will buy only the most necessary. Well, they will start taking loans. The saddest thing is that they will start taking microloans, and this is the Achilles heel of our financial system, because the bonded interest on their return drives them into an even bigger hole.

But why not reduce the interest on loans and increase the interest on deposits, because it is also unprofitable for banks when they withdraw money? Banks have now become more strict in controlling who they give money to: they give out only 20-30% of applications submitted. And if you reduce interest on loans, then the flow of applications for a loan will increase.

"There is no money, but you hold on"

There will be no money in the budget if people and businesses do not keep their jobs and continue to pay taxes. If industry, trade, and transport do not start working soon, a global crisis will come, which will lead to famine and other catastrophic consequences.

You need to be more careful in your financial transactions and spending, analyze them, because now is the time to reconsider your habits. Moreover, when most workers lose their income, it is understandable that their activity will decrease, and they will also begin to consume and spend less. As a result, the spiral of the crisis will spin even more.

An economic crisis, or business downturn, occurs when consumers do not spend money and firms do not invest. Therefore, when taking anti-crisis measures, one must be well aware that everything is connected in the economy. The downturn in business activity will negatively affect even those industries and those workers who, it would seem, should not suffer.

Even the indirect economic consequences of the virus are hitting poor people harder. Let's say a single mother whose children are in kindergarten may work as an employee during the working day, but since the children are now at home and there is no one to leave them, she and her family may lose all income.


It doesn't take long to improve your life. As soon as humanity begins to learn, changes will immediately occur: a person will change himself and from this he will understand WHAT needs to be changed. The coronavirus has already helped us change our attitude towards human society, which should become integral and based on mutual assistance.

The path to an integral society is possible only through the education of a person, which will clarify what kind of world we live in, what nature requires of us, what is the integral force of nature that leads us to a perfect state, and also what prevents us from fulfilling the instructions of nature and connecting with good ties. .

Even if people have not been able to realize this integral connection yet, and we have just begun to study it, the main thing is to start, and we will see how it will immediately make our whole life easier!

We will suddenly find new opportunities to support business, industry, jobs, families, considering everything as a single closed system. If we continue to act as selfish, who consider it possible to profit at the expense of others, then the world may reach a world war, compared with which the coronavirus will seem like a slight fright.


  1. We all got sick of egoism and still continue to get sick, but there are those who have developed antibodies to egoism ... Now we will work on collective immunity against this main evil in us, then we will properly organize our life and the life around us.

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