Where is the era of change taking us?

era of change

Even before our era, the Chinese philosopher Confucius warned: "God forbid you live in an era of change!" Thanks, of course, to the ancient sage for the warning, but if you are destined to live in an era of change, then you can’t get away from it.

The time when old ideals are crumbling, the foundations of society are shaking. When the crisis covers all spheres of life and makes you look for a way out of the situation.

All this was with us, and more than once, and it already seemed that it had become history, and we, modern humanity, had nothing to be afraid of. Everything is in our power, everything is under control. That's how we got used to thinking, that's how we were taught to think, and that's how we liked to think.

And now an unexpected problem suddenly falls on us, self-confident. And we, confident in victory, declare war on it. But the war with it only deepens our understanding of the extent of the trouble, without solving the problem itself. And all attempts to overcome the crisis only bring chaos and panic to the ranks of the population.

Perhaps we have not yet realized that we are dealing with an era of change. And for this reason, as soon as we achieve positive results in the war against the pandemic, we immediately begin to plan a return to the previous way of life. And we find that the foundations familiar to us, on which our confidence rested, that everything is under our control, have disappeared.

Suddenly, some evil force forces the virus to mutate in such a way that all attempts to create an effective medicine and vaccine for vaccinations are leveled. Then this force stops the entire economy , public transport, stops communication between us. Even the shopping malls we love are becoming inaccessible places to hang out.

And what’s more, upon exiting the forced quarantine, we find that we have simply been deprived of the desire to run around the shops and buy all sorts of unnecessary goods. And then, acting meanly and stealthily, this same force creates conflict between those who have to work and consume, and those who manage and accumulate.

Those who work need normal conditions, as before. And those who manage those who work cannot return these conditions.

And it remains for us only to understand that nothing will be “as before”. It will be as it should be. How do we know what to do? We will understand if we carefully look where the era of change is leading us, and we will follow in this direction without trying to turn back. And then the “evil force” will turn into a mentor who loves us, behind which Nature itself is hidden.


  1. How is it possible to live in such an unpredictable environment in the world when we are trying to approach with the old yardstick something new that appears before us now, as something that exists, but is hidden from us.
    It was as if we were walking along a beaten path, and suddenly we entered an unknown settlement, where the rules of relationships incomprehensible to us apply, and we became worried about what it was and what was happening.
    This worries me, I do not agree and cannot live like this, my nature requires competition, profit, this is the only way I fill myself. No matter what they tell me, I can't change.
    But however, everything that is happening speaks for the fact that we are obliged to build a completely different, new connection between us, based on mutual care and support for each other, in joining joint efforts, for the sake of the whole united community. These new relationships will surely reveal to us a completely different reality, which we did not notice before.
    It has a new meaning and a beautiful purpose.
    It seems that this is a very important period in our lives, and we all found ourselves in the same conditions.
    Let's all together try to gradually change ourselves from mutual rivalry and confrontation to mutual care, attention and support. Let's start treating everything in this life integrally - as inextricably linked, the closest relatives, close-knit, united, like Nature itself, for the sake of a happy future for us and our children.

  2. I hope that people will come to their senses, if they have lost their business, they will think, do other people need it now? It is possible that they will not come to you to buy something that is not an essential item, or there are a lot of such things in other shops and you will have to figure out how to earn a living again. Do not despair, it means that the time has come for conscious changes

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